NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards keep going up in price –

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It is a shame what the hardware world has been experiencing since the beginning of 2020, it seems that we do not see the end and even when manufacturers announce their next gpu, graphics cards NVIDIA and AMD they keep rising in price.

We remind you that in June we informed you that the price of the graphs began to fall, in July said price stagnated, then in August we saw how the price had a rebound, today unfortunately we must communicate that graphics cards start to rise in price again. Exactly the NVIDIA graphics since August have seen their price increase by 20% and in the case of AMD their graphics have increased by 15%.

In this way, NVIDIA graphics cards have an extra cost compared to the RRP of 174%, while AMD graphics cards have a 170% surcharge.

This makes us think that things will not improve and that it will take us a long time to see graphics cards available to anyone at their real sale price. Something that we believe will happen when NVIDIA and AMD launch the new ranges of graphics cards in 2022.

Although it remains to be seen what Intel is capable of with its new graphics and if it fulfills by filling the entry-level and mid-range sector with a truly competitive price, because if so, it would be very possible that things would change sooner than we expect.

In the following link you can see the work done by 3dcenter collecting information and showing prices since the beginning of the year: Hardware and news links for September 18/19, 2021 | 3DCenter.org

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