NVIDIA CMP 170HX tested. This cryptographic card kicks in like crazy

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The network (via Zhihu) has just received information about the NVIDIA CMP 170HX cryptographic card, revealing not only its design, but also its mining performance. This model is only suitable for this and NVIDIA took care of it with a vengeance.

NVIDIA CMP 170HX graphics card tested

The CMP 170HX not only has no video outputs, it also carries an electronically limited interface (PCIe 1 × 4). This one is not a problem for cryptocurrency mining tasks, but it is for traditional workloads. As a redesigned A100 accelerator for professional use, the CMP 170HX does not have the full capabilities of the GA100 core, because its GPU has 4,480 CUDA cores (out of 54% available), which is much less than the A100 itself. This one has 6912 CUDA cores.

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The CMP 170HX graphics card is also limited in terms of memory, because instead of 40 and even more 80 GB VRAM, it has “only” 8 GB of HBM2e memory, it has a 4096-bit bus, which provides a maximum bandwidth of 1.493 GB / s. Its graphics core is clocked at a base 1140-MHz clock and the Boost at 1410 MHz.

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This specification is enough for the CMP 170HX without active cooling to offer 164 MH / s performance in the calculation of the EThash algorithm (in Ethereum mining) in complete silence, in its basic form. At the moment, you cannot play with optimization due to the lack of OC support in the current BIOS version.

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