Nvidia GTX 1080 Vs 1080Ti video card: Setup | Specs | Hashrate | Test | Mining

Mining on Nvidia GTX 1080 and 1080Ti video card: Nvidia GTX 1080 Vs 1080Ti video card: Setup | Specs | Hashrate | Test – Cryptocurrency mining equipment is developing at a rapid pace. The reason lies in the high profitability of this activity, high technology and ubiquitous distribution of certain concepts.

Some manufacturers of computer hardware and software began to specialize in specific areas of this work. An example is GeForce, which has already released several lines of profile devices. Three years ago, the 1080 and 1080Ti mining farm was one of the most productive and relevant platforms for working on the crypto market. Today miners are more interested in new promising 30-series models, and 1080Ti has practically disappeared from store shelves. But, nevertheless, this graphics adapter is suitable for crypto mining.

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When Ether reaches $ 2,000 and all new mining cards are sold out, gpu devices from the secondary market will also be used. And then the guide to set up 1080 for mining might come in handy. In principle, even now this card with its memory capacity and the possibility of additional overclocking with the help of a “tablet” can be profitable. Of course, if you buy it not killed and, for a reasonable price. Below we will look at the features of these technologies and determine why mining with a 1080 card has become a common solution.

Graphics card specifications

Working with cryptocurrencies requires specially configured and assembled equipment, one of the key roles in which video cards play. For a long time, a rig built on the basis of GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti was one of the best options for mining cryptocurrency at home. A special chip with high performance indicators and a decent amount of video memory (11 GB), guaranteed a stable and high income.

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The special program ” OHGODANETHLARGEMENTPILL “, or, speaking in miner slang, “tablet”, allows you to increase the hash rate of video cards of this series by about 40%.

The use of the tablet became possible thanks to the installation of a new type of GDDR5X memory. Previous series Nvidia GPUs (1050Ti, 1060, 1070, 1070Ti) have GDDR5 memory. By the way, the OHGODANETHLARGEMENTPILL utility also does not work on RTX 20 series gpu devices equipped with GDDR6 memory. And therefore, video cards 2080/2070/2060, even despite a 40% increase in mining speed, could not adequately compete with ASICs and AMD gpu farms based on the Ethereum algorithm. What can not be said about the Ampree line, the RTX 3080 graphics adapter with its 100 Mh / s, made a splash on the market. The first batch was sold out instantly. RTX 30 cards have become a worthy replacement for the GTX 1080Ti, but back to the topic of the review.

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The 1080 ti graphics card is the result of a holistic brand development approach. The model is assembled exclusively from premium components:

  • The body is made of specially prepared aluminum by high pressure die-casting.
  • The power circuit has 7 phases and uses dualFET transistors.
  • Radial fan system with an additional evaporation chamber, which contributes to stable operation even under high loads (the maximum temperature for stable operation of the chip is 91 degrees ).

Of course, in a riga at such a temperature, the card will not last long, but nevertheless, these devices are easier to transfer work in the summer heat.

In mining, the 1080 ti video card is often the answer to the question of which one to choose for efficient operation due to the built-in 6 GP clusters, as well as 28 streaming multiprocessors. The bandwidth at 5505 MHz is 484 Gb / min.

Which is better to choose, GeForce GTX 1080 or GTX 1080 Ti

In 2021, this question no longer matters. When cryptocurrency mining brings real income, they mine on what is. Well, in general, a card with a Ti prefix is ​​better than a simple 1080 and this applies to almost all lines of Nvidia GPUs. If you buy a graphics card for mining from green, take a model with a Ti or Super prefix. Let them cost a little more, but they are more productive and, therefore, the money invested will pay off faster.

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In the course of practical tests, we have proven that among the outdated 1080 Ti models, the  best video card for mining for users of different experience and scale. In comparison with its “predecessor”, it shows up to 30% increase in power. The cooling system and work organization concept ensure stability and efficiency. Here is a comparative table of the mining speed on these video cards.

Hashrate – Nvidia GTX 1080 Vs 1080Ti

Model GTX 1080 GTX 1080 Ti
Algorithm Hashrate Hashrate
Ethash 35 Mh / s 55 Mh / s
Zcash 67 h/s 86 h/s
CNHeavy 730 h/s 1060 h/s
Aion 240 h/s 340 h/s
CuckooCycle 5.8 h/s 7.7 h/s
Cuckaroo (d) 29 6.5 h/s 8.7 h/s
Cuckaroom 29 3.7 h/s 4.8 h/s
Cuckatoo 31 0.95 h/s 1.45 h/s
Cuckatoo 32 0.29 h/s 0.46 h/s
Beam 43 h/s 53.5 h/s
ZelHash 41.5 h/s 50.5 h/s
MTP 2.8 Mh / s 3.6 Mh / s
ProgPow 16.9 Mh / s 21.5 Mh / s
KawPow 16.9 Mh / s 21.5 Mh / s

The Nvidia 1080 maintains its leading position in many ways, with both video cards under review delivering state-of-the-art performance. The GTX 1080 Ti will earn more coins, but it also consumes more and costs more. However, many miners chose these cards to build the rig.

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It remains to figure out which is better to mine on 1080 Ti – more on that later.

Ti test in mining on different algorithms

With the release of new algorithms of work, the relevance of Nvidia video cards is growing, since the potential and resource of the video card is enormous.

Using a special tablet for 1080 increases the hash rate on the ether algorithm.

Testing based on an algorithm that has no TDP limits at 250 W results in high performance, but inevitably generates overheating of the card. At the same time, the user can adjust the load level at which there is a minimal decrease in performance, but a rapid drop in overheating.

The power consumption of 1080 in mining is at an average level of 200 W, which expands the possibilities for widespread use of the video card in work.

For these video accelerators, testing was carried out using the Scrypt algorithm. On a 1080 video card, he demonstrated a current speed of 895 kHs, and the energy consumption level during this operation was 235 watts. This algorithm, according to the majority of experts, has already lost its leading position to ASIC miners.

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For a digital assessment of the tests, you can evaluate the work on Ethereum mining – the 1080 video card was able to reach the level of 34 MH / s. And when mining on the ZCash algorithm, we managed to reach a speed of 67 H / s. However, no one has been mining the zikesh coin on video cards for a long time.

At the end of last year, the announcement of the new generation RTX 3070 video cards took place. They demonstrate a high hash rate. True, these cards cannot be called cheap, but it will be easier to sell them to gamers when upgrading, and the rise in prices for cryptocurrencies will not quickly decline, even expensive gpu devices will pay off in a year, maximum one and a half. But, of course, no one can guarantee this.

Choosing a coin for mining 1080

What to mine with GTX 1080 TI, coin selection

When choosing equipment for working in the world of cryptocurrency, the user has questions about the format of how much 1080 Ti mines per day or how much 1080 Ti mining brings in the long term. This is largely determined by the types of coins you are looking to mine. Each project has its own technological features that guide the process of setting up and adapting the platform to obtain blocks of a certain type.

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GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti series video cards are profitable for mining with algorithms:

  • Ethash (Ethereum only);
  • Octopus;
  • MTP;
  • CuckooCycle;
  • ProgPow;
  • Cuckatoo32
  • Cuckaroo29s
  • BeamHashIII
  • KawPow (RVN);
  • EquihashZero.

The range of algorithms is quite wide, and if the rate of one coin falls, you can switch to another. Some owners of mining rigs lease their mining power on the Nicehash service . This is the easiest way to make money, where you just need to download and install the program. Registration is very simple and does not require any special programming skills. In the program, you need to enter a bitcoin wallet and click the Start button.

You can work with Nicehash using third-party mining programs, or even better, download a separate system tailored for mining with this service. 

NiceHash OS Flash Tool will automatically download the latest NiceHash OS and walk you through the process of creating a bootable USB.

The list of coins that show consistently high earnings when using 1080 T i looks like this:

  1. Ethereum (ETH) — 6.59 $.
  2. Conflux (CFX) — 5.47 $.
  3. Firo (XZC) — 4,90 $.
  4. Aeternity (AE) -, 4.83.
  5. BitTubeCash (TUBE) — 4,47 $.
  6. Veil-ProgPow (VEIL) — 4,02 $.
  7. Grin-CT32 (GRIN) — 3.34 $.
  8. Beam (BEAM) — 3.09 $.
  9. Swap (XWP) — 2.90 $.
  10. Ravencoin (RVN) – $ 2.86.
  11. Zclassic (ZCL) — 2.84 $.
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The new KawPow algorithm, which, fleeing from ASICs, jumped to “Ravencoin” is more profitable to mine on AMD, which cannot be said about the octopus (Octopus, CFX coin). Secret altcoins MimbleWimble Grin and Beam were also quite profitable until they fell in price. But, having risen above the $ 1000 mark for a coin, large Ethereum became a hit with miners. It’s even a pity that this year Vitalik Buterin’s team decided to finally switch to PoS. On other coins of the Ethash algorithm, green has almost nothing to do. People who have been mining  for a long time when analyzing a profitable algorithm for  mining  use the Wattomine service  . The site has a convenient interface where you can specify all your video cards and the cost of power consumption. The calculation algorithm gives the most profitable ratio of production per day of  Dollars . But there is often an error, so you always need to understand this   if you plan to start  mining .

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The service gives very approximate indicators of hash rate, energy consumption and the number of coins earned per day. Real data may differ in one direction or the other. Nevertheless, using data from WhatToMine or another similar service is better than performing calculations yourself, picking up coins for mining.

The determining factor when choosing a coin is the goal of the user himself. If you prefer to generate income and reach a stable income, then it is better to choose common “coins” that have high market performance. If you want to get practice or just like to spend time performing calculation and mining tasks, then you should try working with little-known coins.

In the second case, work should be started with a thorough study of the White Paper of the project and the description of the development team. Your task is to determine whether the coin is after all or a virtual project that has no value.

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How to Overclock GTX 1080 Ti and Reduce Power Consumption

Experts recommend using the MSI Afterburner program , as delving into the BIOS of the video card and changing the timings of the Nvidia series video cards will void the warranty.

If you do not overclock the card, then 1080 show the speed at the level of 20 Mh / s. Also, the device starts to heat up quickly, even in comparison with the Dagger Hashimoto working algorithm. When carrying out work on overclocking the video card, the following parameters were used:

  • Power Limit 75;
  • Core Clock 0;
  • Memory Clock 600.

As a result, the video card was overclocked to 25 Mh / s.

Another overclocking option is to use a special “tablet” for the video card. When it is implemented and launched, the following parameters are used:

  • Power Limit 75;
  • Core Clock 0;
  • Memory Clock 650.

But using a tablet leads to an indicator of 35.2 Mh / s.

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The use of a water cooling system leads to a stable and fast overclocking of the device when operating at a clock frequency of 2.1 GHz. A decrease in frequency indicators is noted from the moment the temperature reaches 40 degrees, so it is recommended to initially configure the cooling system to maintain the temperature up to 45 degrees.

Advanced users can download and install the NvidiaInspector program. This software allows you to perform undervolting, adjust the rotational speed of the fan blades and overclock the graphics core. However, the program is quite complicated to configure, you need to create and run an executable file with voltage and overclocking parameters for each video card in the rig. It may not work the first time, but if you learn, you can save a lot on electricity without losing the hash rate. Below is a sample NvidiaInspector batch file for a six-card farm.

Conclusion, relevance of investment

GTX 1080 / 1080ti video cards are still an effective tool for setting up your own mining farm. The models are characterized by flexible structure, adaptation to modern technologies in the industry, customer focus, high productivity. But, alas, they are already morally outdated.

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If you decide to mine cryptocurrency, pay attention to the new 3080 and 3060 T i video cards, although now, all cards have skyrocketed in price. It’s hard to say how long the uptrend will last, but many remember that 3 years ago, there was the first wave of digital fever. Then came crypto winter, and those who bought cards and virtual coins in the hope of a very quick profit went around with sad faces. True, now bitcoin is much more expensive than three years ago and Ether is ready to take a new height. But, after takeoff, there is always a correction, so you need to remember that mining is a long-term investment. Good luck to you!

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