Nvidia RTX 2070 Mining Hashrate – Specs | Test |Payback Period (Review)

Nvidia RTX 2070 Mining Hashrate – Specification, Testing and Payback Period (Review) – Finally, full-fledged NVidia RTX 2070 tests appeared in mining, which shed light on the performance of the video card. The mining community expected these results to be almost more than the rest of the RTX series cards because the 070 models always had a favorable ratio of power and cost.

NVidia RTX 2070

Was the RTX 2070 able to exceed expectations and become the hope of GPU mining, what kind of revenue can a video card bring and should it be considered as a promising option? You will get all the answers, comparisons and calculations in this article, which will help determine the future of the RTX 2070 in the field of cryptocurrency mining.

Nvidia RTX 2070 Specifications

The exact parameters of the video card were known for a long time, but only by the end of October did the first RTX 2070 tests appear in mining. In fact, the main intrigue was the competition between the new representative of the mid-segment and the old tops in the face of the GTX 1080/1080 Ti. Comparison with GTX 1070 is logical, but irrelevant (suitable only for the gaming industry), because in the field of mining, the assessment is made based on the ratio of the cost and card power.

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Technical characteristics of the RTX 2070:

  • The core frequency is 1410 MHz (1710 MHz in boost);
  • The memory frequency is 14000 MHz;
  • Memory capacity – 8 GB;
  • Memory Type – GDDR6;
  • Power consumption – 185W.

Particular attention should be paid to the rather low power consumption at such power, as well as the frequency and type of memory. It is also important to clarify the recommended cost for the Russian region. The starting price tag on the RTX 2070 is 47,999 rubles, although at the start of sales, the video card is distributed with an impressive margin. Models from different vendors may vary in cost, depending on the characteristics of the video card. The same applies to frequencies that may be higher than the base, depending on the factory overclocking.

NVidia RTX 2070 tests in mining

At the moment there are not so many “live” algorithms where you could check out the new RTX line. Nevertheless, among the options popular for GPU mining there are, of course, Ethereum, as well as the X22i algorithm (SUQA coin). It is important to bear in mind that most of the miners also did not add full optimization for the new video card. However, NiceHash and the updated T-REX 0.7.2 (which added almost half of the performance of the RTX 2070) clearly demonstrate the capabilities of the card. Naturally, the final potential is not yet known, it will become clear only after the full optimization of all miners.

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The initial tests of NiceHash for different algorithms were not particularly impressive, although they were carried out almost immediately after the release of 2070 to the market (3-4 days later). The reference model for the main algorithms showed the following results:

  • Lyra2Rev2 – 57.3 MH / s;
  • DaggerHashimoto – 41.7-43 MH / s;
  • CryptoNightV7 – 798 H / s;
  • CryptoNightV8 – 803 H / s;
  • X16R – 9.3 MH / s.

It is important to bear in mind that this was a minimum optimization. The overclocking of the card was at the level of +1000 MHz for the memory and power limit of 70%. With such characteristics, the video card (without a stand) consumed about 120-125 watts, which is very good for such power.

Let’s compare the performance of the RTX 2070 with the GTX 1080 Ti using the example of the X22i algorithm. In comparison, three presets were used for the new model:

  1. Nominal frequencies – 10.5 MH / s with 176 W;
  2. Overclocking by +100 core and power limit 80% – 10.5 MH / s with 134 W;
  3. Maximum acceleration – 11.5 MH / s and 200 W energy consumption.
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The GTX 1080 Ti video card, with which it is important to compare the new 2070 due to the price category, yields 12 MH / s with a power consumption of 290 W. With a downward volt of up to 240 W, the hash rate fell to 11.2 MH / s. This means that the new model makes it possible to get almost the same hash rate (which will surely grow even after full optimization) with much lower power consumption. This makes the video card more profitable in the long term, compared to the top of the previous 10-series.

Nvidia RTX 2070 – Payback period

The concept of payback for a video card, the potential of which reveals only a couple of miners, and even then not completely, is unlikely to be correctly addressed. However, at the moment, you can evaluate the worst option, which in no case can not be considered final. Most likely, the real period will differ in the lower side by at least 20%. It is also very important to take into account that the new model is sold at a huge mark-up, due to which the payback increases by approximately 150-200 days.

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If you operate with current figures and values, the average payback of 2070 will be about 550-700 days. However, the example of RVN clearly demonstrates the state of things. Initially, the “from the box” card produced no more than 9 MH / s on the X16R algorithm. Later, after updating the T-REX and Z-Enemy, the result almost doubled. The device began to issue up to 18 MH / s, which is equivalent to income of $ 25-27 per month (including electricity bills. Net income is $ 35-36 per month).

With such sharp jumps in performance after upgrading miners, the payback period will also be reduced. Analysts predict a period of 500-550 days, which is very good for GPU mining at the moment (most cards pay off at least 2-3 years).


The RTX 2070 model has long been a dark horse for GPU mining, which is going through a period of stagnation. The expectations were partially justified, the video card is already showing indicators at the level of 1080 Ti or even better, if we take into account the individual algorithms and the lack of full optimization. Comparison with the GTX 1070 is even better, on some algorithms the RTX 2070 produces results 80-160% higher, although they do not seem phenomenal given the high cost of the device.

 RTX 2070 and GTX 1080 hashrate

At the moment, you can’t say for sure that buying 2070 will be incredibly profitable. The card has potential, which is revealed bit by bit with each new day. But the main disadvantage is that the price is too high, which “kills” all the benefits from the purchase of a video card. When prices return to normal, the RTX 2070 is almost guaranteed to replace the previous line. Even under current circumstances, the model demonstrates performance better than the GTX 1080 Ti, which costs 10-20% more than a new model.

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The only conditions under which the top 10 series can withstand competition with the new RTX 2070, is the purchase of 1080 Ti in the secondary market at a bargain price. Although this and this temporary advantage, which is accompanied by great risks.