Nvidia RTX 3090 GDDR6X Graphics and More!

Nvidia RTX 3090 GDDR6X Graphics and More!

Leak from Micron memory manufacturer.

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 (or RTX 3080 Ti, as the graphics card is also called) will run on very fast GDDR6X memory and possibly a lot of memory, based on recent rumors that reveal more information about the consumer flagship in the Ampere camp.

As the guys at Videocardz pointed out, the most poignant rumor comes directly from the memory manufacturer Micron, who posted details (deleted since then) on their website, apparently confirming the name of the RTX 3090 (more on that later), as well as the fact that Nvidia will use the Micron GDDR6X with this GPU.

Micron noted that GDDR6X will be able to offer speeds up to 21 Gbps, and the RTX 3090 can theoretically break the 1 TB / s barrier of total bandwidth, which points to a 384-bit GPU memory bus – a figure already mentioned in previous speculations.

Simply put, we could expect incredible video memory performance and, according to Micron, the RTX 3090 will run on 12GB GDDR6X.

Again, this is a figure that has already been ground up in the rumor mill, although the latest rumors have mentioned even more VRAM, namely 20GB.


Indeed, Videocardz also notes other data on the new GPU, where they promise that the RTX 3090 will receive 24 GB of video memory: there is already an alleged image of a video card with 12 memory modules on the rear panel (that is, presumably 12 more are located on the other side). Rogame also wrote on Twitter that the card will run on 24GB of video memory.

As you can see, Rogame (an active hardware info provider) also shared the estimated clock speeds of the RTX 3090, with a base clock of 1410 MHz bumped up to 1740 MHz (quite conservative compared to some extremely high clock speed rumors).

Of course, such information should be taken with the usual caveats, because in the end it’s still rumors – although the fact that information about GDDR6X comes directly from Micron certainly does matter.

There is still no guarantee that even though Micron uses the name RTX 3090, this is exactly what the flagship Nvidia Ampere graphics card will be called (it could still be a proxy name used for paperwork). Or, indeed, other information is outdated, for example, about the amount of memory in 12 GB.

As for the name, it could very well be the 3080 Ti, as mentioned, or indeed, perhaps Nvidia will choose something completely different than the Series 3000 route. Who knows …

What we do know is that with 24GB of video memory (or even 20GB) and not a simple, but super-fast GDDR6X, the new RTX 3090 will add significantly in cost. In other words, a graphics card will require a serious wallet.

We’ll know the details soon enough as Nvidia prepares a big Ampere launch on September 1st with just a couple of weeks left.