NVIDIA RTX 4000 graphics would double their power and consumption

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If we already informed you about these graphs a long time ago, today we want to inform you that the graphs NVIDIA RTX 4000 their power and consumption would double.

Previously we already informed you that the next graphic cards with connection PCIe 5.0 will have the new power connector, which thanks to its new design will be able to provide us with up to 16 carriles total “12 power lanes and 4 signal lanes“.

We can also see how the specifications described by PCI-SIG tell us that each of the connector pins can offer us up to 9.2A. this translates into a total of 55.2 A on the 12V line, concluding with a MAX power of 662 W.

And when the river sounds it is for something, that is why according to some leaks the graphs NVIDIA RTX 4000 Ada Lovelace They would double their power and consumption, according to a tweet from a well-known insider.

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But not only NVIDIA could double the current consumption, AMD could also considerably increase the consumption of their graphics cards, so this leads us to a question, how far are they able to increase consumption without thinking about efficiency?

Both AMD and NVIDIA intend to announce their new ranges at the end of next year 2022, until then we can only wait to see what is true in all this, because if it is, it is better to have sources with enough Watts because between microphones with high consumption and these supposed graphs, the efficiency will take a backseat.