Nvidia Tesla K80 24GB Mining: Hashrate | HiveOS 2021 | Ethereum | Power (WATT)

INNO3D GeForce RTX 3090 Review x
INNO3D GeForce RTX 3090 Review

Nvidia Tesla K80 24GB Mining: Hashrate | HiveOS 2021 | Ethereum | Power (WATT) – Nvidia Tesla K80 24GB Graphics Card Is it Good For Mining?

The most popular operating system for mining Hive OS is from the Linux family based on the Ubuntu distribution, specially optimized for mining cryptocurrencies. Linux miner hive os is both a complex of programs and a service for monitoring your rigs. Huawei Atlas 300 32768mb ai Accelerator Card Mining

  • Hive OS official website: https://hiveos.farm
  • Promo code for crediting 10 USD to the balance of Hive OS: MINING-CRYPTO (specify during registration)
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Comparing and choosing the best video cards for mining for 2021

The best alternative to mining is buying cryptocurrency on the exchange, as history shows in the long term it is no less profitable, but at the same time much easier, faster and more reliable.

Table with a rating of video cards for mining for 2021 (read more …)

When assembling a mining rig, a configuration with 4 identical video cards is most often used. These are the most stable systems that bring the least problems during operation and configuration, and motherboards with 4 PCI slots are cheaper and more often appear on the market.

Nvidia Tesla K80 24GB Mining: Benefits of GPU mining

Mining on a video card using a different number of chips is a great way to make money, if you are not afraid of the initial investment.

  • First, it is a source of passive income. If you calculate everything, purchase the equipment and complete it successfully, then it will be a great asset. It can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 video cards, which are paired with the rest of the devices and give excellent performance and processing power.
  • Secondly, the time spent using this method of earning will be minimal, since you do not need to constantly monitor the equipment, it only needs to be periodically checked for operability, temperature and general condition.
  • Thirdly, this method gives a stable income, because you can be engaged not only in mining bitcoins, but also in other cryptocurrencies, which gives a winning position for the user in any case.
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Video cards, unlike ASIKs:

  • They have a lower noise level, which allows them to be kept in the apartment.
  • Can switch between different mining algorithms
  • Have a long warranty period

In addition, models released two years ago and even earlier are still relevant, which is basically impossible for ASICs. If you get tired of mining cryptocurrency, video cards can be used for other purposes.

AMD Graphics Cards Specifications

Specifications are important, but first of all, you need to know the hash rate of the video cards. The table shows the speed of operation of AMD and Nvidia models on the most profitable mining algorithms. Key characteristics when choosing a video card

Nvidia Graphics Cards Specifications

The best alternative to mining is buying cryptocurrency on the exchange, as history shows in the long term it is no less profitable, but at the same time much easier, faster and more reliable.

GPU mining requires the highest performing video cards, usually the latest models from Nvidia and AMD. They, of course, are not cheap, but they will become a kind of down payment, which will subsequently pay off, and the profitability of old lines can fall so quickly that you will not even have time to recoup the equipment.

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It is better to use rigs for 4-8 video cards.

But if you love computer hardware and certainly want to build your GPU farm, carefully read the recommendations and models of video cards given below in this publication.

Technical features of the NVIDIA Tesla K40 video card

The final technical features of the NVIDIA Tesla K40 video card were formed in 2013. It was during this period that this device for supercomputing began to be produced. Notable features of the device, which were noted by experts already at the time the K40 went on sale, are the following parameters:

  1. The assembly of the video card included not the most recent (and many considered it frankly outdated) graphics processor – GK110B.
  2. Complete superiority over such models of video cards from the same NVIDIA: 780th, 780ti, Titan Black, Titan Z, Quadro K5200, Quadro K6000.
  3. Improved performance when compared with other variations of the same Tesla line: K40D, K40M, K40S, K40st, K40T.
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If we compare the Nvidia Tesla K40 video card with representatives of the previous branch of devices of the company in relation to it, then:

  • speed can reach superiority up to 2.8 times;
  • the minimum superiority under equal conditions is at around 40%.

Based on all the characteristics of the model, miners can count on the hash rate in the Etash algorithm, reaching 36 mh / s. Such performance in modern realities is considered quite acceptable. The video card looks especially attractive against the background of what is developed with support for technologies such as:

  1. The type of computer memory with automatic recognition and error correction is ECC.
  2. Streaming multiprocessor unit with increased performance – SMX Engine.
  3. Technology for handling interdependent processes – Dynamic Parallelism.
  4. Hyper-Q parallel data transfer technology.
  5. Another software and hardware architecture for parallel computing is CUDA.
  6. GPU temperature control software – GPU Boost.

Professional and advanced miners value CUDA the most, which is supported on a hardware level. The only drawback in this area is that the Kepler architecture, on the basis of which the Tesla K40 was created, only supports CUDA 3.5.

This means that an independent, flexible and unique setting of the miner will be required. Otherwise, the performance will not be very impressive.

Nvidia Tesla K80 24GB Mining Hashrate
Nvidia Tesla K80 24GB Mining Hashrate

4) Nvidia RTX 1660 6GB Ti

Usually, the more power consumption, the better the video card performs in mining. In this case, the “side effect” of such high-performance work can be serious heating of the equipment. As the temperature rises, the efficiency of the GPU can drop. The solution to the problem is the organization of cooling systems. There are several ways: Availability of guarantees

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3) Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti

The video card provides almost the same hashing speed as the 3070, but at a lower cost. Prices for the Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti start at $ 400. At the same time, the GPU consumes only 120 watts. These characteristics make the Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti one of the best options for those who are not ready to spend a lot of money on mining.

Unfortunately, the principle “the best video card for mining is the one that is more expensive than others” is often the most effective in the selection of equipment. The fact is that new models almost always surpass their predecessors in processing power.

Element base of the video card Nvidia Tesla K40

You can describe such a characteristic as the element base of the Nvidia Tesla K40 video card with the following list:

  • the main processing power is concentrated in an advanced chip with the following marking – GK110-897-B1;
  • the video memory parameter of the device is provided by a number of Hynix H5GC4H24MFR-T2C microcircuits, which are located on both sides of the plans and expand the memory up to 12 GB with the high-speed GDDR5 standard;
  • the video card performs functions using two PWM controllers – NCP81208 (manufacturer – On Semiconductor) and APW7142 (manufacturer – On Anpec Electronics);
  • models from GStek company – GS7103 are used as voltage regulators.
Элементная база видеокарты
Nvidia Tesla K80 24GB Mining: Power consumption

Nvidia Tesla K80 24GB Mining: Power consumption

Its only drawback is lower productivity in comparison with the leaders.
1) Nvidia RTX 3080
Card can provide a maximum hash rate of 90 Mh / s. This is the best result of all in the ranking. Using multiple Nvidia RTX 3080s can be effectively leveraged instead of many other less efficient GPUs in a single farm.

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Miners have relatively little choice. If we don’t choose ASIC, then we are looking towards video cards. And if we want a video card, then it’s either AMD or Nvidia. They are also called “red” and “green” respectively. Each has its own advantages, disadvantages and predisposition to certain cryptocurrencies.

Hashrate of the NVIDIA Tesla K40 video card when mining

When studying such a parameter as the hashrate of the NVIDIA Tesla K40 video card when mining, it is important to take into account the significant age of this model and the associated technical limitations. The lack of support for CUDA above 3.5 stands out especially against this background. But most modern mining programs simply do not run if you have CUDA with a version older than 5.0.

It is worth forgetting that popular miners without built-in upgradeability and open source are suitable for this video card. These include:

  • Nanomainer;
  • NBMiner;
  • GMiner;
  • Verthashminer;
  • CryptoDredge;
  • T-Rex;
  • others.
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Without significant improvements, complex individual settings and a professional approach, from algorithm to algorithm, the video card produces not the most impressive results that do not correspond to its actual power ceiling – from 1.8 megahashes (via PhoenixMiner when mining Ethereum) and up to 7-11 megahashes ( via Claymore Miner based on Etash).

And this despite the fact that iron at its peak and under normal conditions should produce a stable 34 mh / s.

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

We go to the statistics page and immediately find out the answer to the main question – which manufacturer’s cards dominate the market? The answer will clearly delight AMD fans. AMD Radeon RX470


Profit from mining on video cards begins to be considered only after the investment in the equipment has fully paid off. Basic terms used in calculations:

The maximum temperature under load for the chip is 94 °, and for everyday mining of Zcash or Ethereum, it is necessary not to exceed the 70 ° mark.

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Nvidia Tesla V100 – current record holder in Ethereum mining

Information about material Published: 17.08.2017, 09:40 am
With the release of AMD RADEON RX VEGA, rumors on the network that this particular card can produce 70-100 megahashes when mining Ethereum, however, at the moment this information is not confirmed by tests on the latest available drivers. Therefore, the positions of the current leader Nvidia Tesla V100 in Ethereum mining with a result of 80Mh / s remain in first place.

Nvidia Tesla V100 is a professional computing device based on GPU Volta, which is expected in the consumer segment no earlier than 2021.

The main features of the Nvidia Tesla V100 and its predecessors:

Accelerator model Tesla K40 Tesla M40 Tesla P100 Tesla V100
GPU Model GK180 GM200 GP100 GV100
Architecture Kepler Maxwell Pascal Time
Technical process 28 nm 28 nm 16 нм FinFET+ 12 nm FFN
Number of transistors, billion 7,1 8,0 15,3 21,1
Core size, mm² 551 601 610 815
Quantity in SM 15 24 56 80
Quantity in TPC 15 24 28 40
FP32 cores on SM 192 128 64 64
FP32 cores total 2880 3072 3584 5120
FP64 cores on SM 64 4 32 32
FP64 cores total 960 96 1792 2560
Tensor kernels of everything 640
GPU turbo frequency, MHz 810/875 1114 1480 1455
Peak flow FP32, teraflops 5,0 6,8 10,6 15,0
Peak area FP64, teraflops 1,7 2,1 5,3 7,5
Peak area tensor, teraflops 120
Quantity in TMU 240 192 224 320
Memory bus, bit 384 384 4096 4096
Memory type GDDR5 GDDR5 HBM2 HBM2
Memory capacity, GB Up to 12 GB Up to 24 GB 16 GB 16 GB
L2 cache size, KB 1536 3072 4096 6144
The amount of shared memory per SM, KB 16/32/48 96 64 Up to 96 KB
Register file size, KB 3840 6144 14336 20480
TDP, Tue. 235 250 300 300
Nvidia Tesla V100 – current record holder in Ethereum mining

Of the features, it should be noted the use of HBM2 memory, as AMD did in its Vega, although the memory width here is full at 4096 Bits. The GV100 chip itself is made according to the 12nm standards and contains 5120 FP32 cores (analogous to CUDA cores in consumer video cards) and 2560 cores for FP64 calculations. Performance in FP32 calculations is 15 Teraflops and 7.5 Teraflops for FP64, which is 50% more than that of the previous generation chips.

By the way, the previous generation Nvidia Tesla P100 produces 69-72 Mh / s on the Dagger Hashimoto (Ethereum) algorithm, using the source codes of the Genoil / cpp-ethereum miner with compilation for the ppc64el architecture. In other words, Teslas are not compatible with the x86 code for ordinary computers and they cannot run more efficient miners from Claymores in mining, because the miner code is closed and only the author of these miners can compile for the ppc64el architecture.

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A discussion on using 4 Nvidia Tesla P100s in one bundle with a total hash rate of 275Mh / s and a power consumption of 1kW can be read on this Reddit thread.

As for the newbie, there is even less information on the performance of the Nvidia Tesla V100, but there are glimpses of messages on specialized forums that these cards produce at least 80 Mh / s when mining ether and power consumption in the region of 150W.

Considering these indicators, the Nvidia Tesla V100 is the most productive tool for Ethereum mining, both in physical terms and in energy efficiency (less than 2W per Mh / s), but the whole impression is spoiled by its price (from $ 5.000 for the Nvidia Tesla P100) and poor availability in retail sale.

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