Nvidia “Turing” RTX 2000 series finds its way to the web in Asus laptops

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Recently, data on new graphics cards based on Nvidia’s graphics architecture Turing has been pouring in. The mid-range Geforce RTX 2060 card has not yet been officially unveiled, but at the end of 2018, the price and full specifications were presented. According to information, the launch will take place on January 7, in connection with this year’s edition of the technology fair CES.

The Geforce RTX 2000 series for laptops has also been on the agenda, and just like the Geforce RTX 2060, there are rumors that these products will appear during CES 2019. Now the probability that this is true increases, after the French retailer PC21 listed 14 different laptops computers equipped with Turing-based graphics cards.

Geforce RTX 2060. Click for larger image.

2070 Notebook PC21.JPG

Geforce RTX 2070. Click for larger image.

2080 Notebook PC21.JPG

Geforce RTX 2080. Click for larger image.

The laptops are all signed Asus and in total there are six models with similar specifications, where the six-core processor Intel Core i7-8750H is common to all. When it comes to graphics cards, Geforce RTX 2080, RTX 2070 and RTX 2060 are listed in different designs, where the latter two cards are equipped with GDDR5 memory when used in the cheapest computer model G515.

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In the three computers GX535, GX735 and ROG Zephyrus, it is stated that Geforce RTX 2080 and Geforce RTX 2070 are in a more energy-efficient version according to Nvidia’s Max-Q Design. The concept means, for example, that clock frequencies are adjusted for an optimal relationship between power consumption and performance, and the mention suggests that even cards with Max-Q Design may be relevant during the CES trade fair.

The French dealer’s products indicate that the memory capacity of the cards corresponds to the stationary counterparts, but other specifications are unknown. At the end of 2018, however, Turing for laptops appeared at a Chinese manufacturer, where the Geforce RTX 2000 series was stated to be almost identical for desktops and laptops, but whether this is true remains to be seen.

In the reference version, the three graphics cards offer TDP values ​​between 160 and 215 watts and it is therefore likely that some adjustments have been made even when the Max-Q Design suffix is ​​missing. The listed computers will be available from 15, 19 and 22 January, which further speaks for a launch of the graphics cards in the near future.

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