Nvidia would launch its Hopper architecture in 2021, manufactured under TSMC's 5nm process

While Nvidia hasn't even released its new Ampere-based cards yet, we're already starting to hear rumors about its upcoming architecture. Hopper, and the latter indicate that They will be manufactured under TSMC's 5nm process and will hit the market in 2021.

The rumor even indicates that Nvidia decided to build them with this TSMC process just to take away space from AMD, It was looking to reserve more capacity than it already has, and Nvidia wanted to take it up earlier to prevent AMD from expanding. Obviously it is a somewhat strange technique, although with the resources of Nvidia it is not too much of a problem to reserve space just to limit the competition.

What is known about Hopper

Not much is known about Hopper yet, though early rumors indicate they will be Multi-DIE GPUs for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence, and not products for graphic processing. This Multi-DIE design will take advantage of all the benefits we've already seen on AMD's Ryzen processors, including lower manufacturing cost, lower wafer failure rate, and easy segmentation that doesn't involve designing new monolithic DIEs, but simply bundling more or less of the DIEs already designed.

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For now this is just a rumor, so we recommend taking it with tweezers. Although Nvidia said that it is exploring this technology, it is not confirmed that we will see it in 2021. It would certainly be interesting to see multi-DIE designs by Nvidia, although for now we recommend not to get your hopes up.

Would you like this rumor to be true and Nvidia to launch Multi-DIE Hopper GPUs at 5nm next year?

Source: WCCFTech