NVIDIA’s CFO on the graphics card market

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During the BMO Capital Markets technology summit, a subsidiary of Bank of Montreal, dealing with investment banking, a few words about, among others, the graphics card market, NVIDIA’s chief financial officer said.

What is NVIDIA doing to make the graphics market better?

The words of Ms Colette Kress (via Wccftech), although addressed mainly to NVIDIA investors and shareholders, also reached the issues that interest us most, i.e. what we can count on in the future on the graphics card market. According to her, despite huge supply constraints, NVIDIA is constantly working with its trading partners, in particular with manufacturers, to ensure that their supply needs are met and GPUs reach gamers.

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Let me remind everyone how we cover two important areas of both gaming and what cryptocurrency mining is. First of all, we focus on getting our GeForce cards into the hands of gamers. We believe our strategy has been successful. I just want to remind everyone that it is difficult for us to estimate the impact of cryptocurrency mining on our sales, because we simply do not have insight into the end use of our GPUs.

However, our strategy is to provide professional miners with CMP cards and GeForce LHR cards for our players. This allows us to control the delivery to players. The LHR cards that were delivered in the second quarter accounted for more than 80% of our Ampere desktop GPU shipments in the second quarter. Now we are starting to see GeForce retail prices starting to decline, but we need to do some extra work on [dalszym jej] lowering.

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However, supply issues are still unclear to the company and so now NVIDIA is working to further improve the situation to finally make GeForce cards available to gamers, which means “working with each of our trading partners.” The company has a similar plan in the professional sector, and in terms of its involvement in the automotive sector, the effectiveness of its strategy, covering all aspects of modern cars, has been supported by the recent disclosure of Tesla’s D1 chip.

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