O11 alternative? Antec P120 Crystal put to the test – a sign of life from a traditional manufacturer

O11 alternative? Antec P120 Crystal put to the test – a sign of life from a traditional manufacturer

A computer case often accompanies us for many years and has to endure many an upgrade. At least that’s mostly the case with me. My current case is now almost 8 years old and therefore comes from a time when RGB and tempered glass were still a long way off. I always found the Air 540 with its two chambers and good airflow to be very well thought out and, due to frequent experiments with water cooling, I have adapted it to my requirements over the years.

In the end it was badly tinkered with and the cracking of the scratched plexiglass pane made the desire for a noble glass case louder and louder. The original object of my desire is extremely popular in the WaKü and modding scene and therefore quickly lost its appeal for me because you can see it on every corner. So I was all the more pleased that Antec of all people took up the design of the coveted case and brought its own interpretation of it onto the market.

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For me, Antec has always been a pioneer in the field of high-quality computer cases and the “Solo” left such a lasting impression on me that I was secretly a little fanboy of the company for many years. I was really curious to see whether the P120 Crystal would be able to build on the old shine and was therefore particularly looking forward to this review.

scope of delivery

The P120 comes in an inconspicuous cardboard box, the high weight of which directly reveals that there is no cheap housing in it. Enclosed in a black cloth, it is protected by the usual styrofoam buffers, which are also covered with a layer of cardboard. Not a bad idea, because in this way Antec largely avoids the static charge that normally arises from the friction when pulling it out of the box.

In addition to a note with the ratings of other reviewers and a small package with the necessary screws, there are also a few Velcro cable ties and short assembly instructions in the scope of delivery.

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Technical specifications

The whole thing can be summarized very unsuspiciously and clearly in a table:

Dimensions: 476 x 234 x 485 mm (TxBxH)
Material: Construction steel / side and front tempered glass
Weight: 10,4 KG
Mainboards: ITX, M-ATX, ATX, E-ATX
I: Power, Reset, 2x USB 3.0, HD-Audio
PCI-Slots: 7 (horizontal) + 3 (vertical)
Drives: 3 x 2.5 “+ 2 x 3.5” or 2.5 “
Fan: 3x 120 mm / 140 mm bottom, 3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm side, 1x 120/140 mm rear
Radiators: 360 mm (up to 28 mm thick) bottom, 120 mm rear, 360 mm side
GPU Length: Up to 450 mm
CPU cooler:: Up to 185 mm
Power adapter: ATX up to 294 mm

For the very curious, I would also have the manual ready:

case-P120_ Manual

Antec P120 Crystal black, glass window (0-761345-81200-9)

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