OKET Talks 2019 regional rally will be held in Tbilisi on September 7

On September 7, as part of OKEx Talks 2019, a regional rally organized by OKEX and the Cryptodealers team will be held in Tbilisi.

OKEh is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Malta. The exchange offers comprehensive services for trading tokens, futures and swaps, as well as index tracking services for global traders using blockchain.


  • Aleko Sudadze, Founder, Bitcoin Embassy Georgia and Georgia Mining Association
  • Vano Narimanidze, co-founder of Blockchain Association Georgia, representative of the Horizen blockchain platform
  • Andrew Thornhill, founder of SPOTCOIN
  • Beqa Avaliani, CEO of Birtvi

The meeting will be moderated by Yan Rud, Regional Manager of OKEx Exchange.

During the event, five prizes of 50 USDT each will be awarded.

Time and place: September 7, 2019, 18:00, Tbilisi, 34-36 Irakli Abashidze Street, coworking Terminal.

Admission is free by prior registration.

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