Pay the discount they gave you back in the day

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The renewed subscription service of PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) has already started to work in Asian countries, and the bad news has arrived, and that is that all those people who once accessed the service through a discount, that discount now disappears when you want to jump to PS Plus Extra or Premium, or really, it’s not that it disappears, but you have to pay for it: you have to pay the difference in price that you benefited from back in the day.

This way, if a user wants to upgrade their subscription, you will have to pay the percentage value that was saved in your dayan even bigger problem in case you still have a lot of subscription time left, as there are people that has been accumulating up to 9 years of subscription (find an offer and exploit it to the maximum, too much to the maximum). Here’s how a Reddit user who flagged Sony’s policy explains it:

“The new PlayStation Plus plan just went online in Asia an hour ago. Here’s how to upgrade to Extra/Premium if you already have a PS Plus.

If you want to upgrade to Extra/Premium, you have to update every day you have left. You can’t upgrade only 3 months or 1 year.

The upgrade price is calculated per monthly subscription, not yearly. For example, if you have 365 days of subscription to the plus, you will have to pay about 5 dollars x 12 = 60 dollars for the upgradeand not 99.99 minus the 59.99=40 dollars.

In the case of a poor guy who subscribed to the Plus plan until July 31, 2031, and had 3,342 days left, the system shows that he has to pay NT12,729 ($430) to upgrade to the Premium plan,” he says. @andyppbb

This has raised a lot of controversy, in addition to the fact that, for example, an Indonesian user named @hardikveerwal indicates on Reddit that the Deluxe subscription, the most expensive, it only offers 17 emulated classic games and 35 remasters regarding the more than 300 games that the company promised for its Premium subscription. This is because the catalog bloated by all PlayStation 3 games is not available. Other Asian users indicated that they were in the same.

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For now, PlayStation has not ruled on any of the casesbeing expected that when this movement spreads in the rest of the markets, it will be forced to make a comment.