PC shipments are expected to fall as much as 10% in the second quarter of 2022

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Today we have many opinions about standardization in the hardware industry, and these opinions point to several different sides. In this case Asus weighs in, saying it expects PC and laptop shipments to see a 10% drop in the second quarter. As for the sales of video cards and motherboards, the loss can reach up to 15%, compared to the previous quarter.

In addition, the market research company Mercury Research foresees an even greater decrease, around 30%. This drop, which should occur between April and June, according to Asus, for well-known reasons: pandemic, war in Ukraine, inflation, and recessions in some territories.

The drop in PC sales can be up to 30 and 40%

The drop in GPU shipments has as its main factor the decline in cryptocurrencies. And this scenario will not be worse, as the demand for this component by PC gamers remains high, according to Asus. It is worth noting that after the cryptocurrency crash, it became much easier to find a video card on the market, although prices are still inflated.

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During the first quarter, 66% of Asus’ revenue came from laptop and desktop sales. Components, such as video cards, motherboards, among others, were responsible for 33% of the profit and only 1% came from smartphone sales, a segment that is not the focus of the hardware giant.

Even though Asus said that the supply chain for various chips is no longer in a low-supply situation, the PMIC, a specific chip for DDR5 memories, still faces shortages, mainly due to the recent closures in China, where many factories are located, due to COVID-19.

TSMC, one of the world’s largest chipmakers, is expected to raise its values ​​by 9%, which should make a return to normal even more difficult. Even with the relief of the pandemic, the devaluation of cryptocurrencies and more and more video card offers, this item, which is the one that has suffered the most in recent years, has not yet normalized its situation.

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Other sources with whom we spoke corroborate, that for reasons of privacy policy they are not mentioned, indicate that sales declines can reach 40%.

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