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Ishan Agarwal, one of the most famous leakers in the world, told us in the interview we did some time ago: the "leaks" of information help companies to better and gradually receive the product to the public. Until a few years ago we would have been rather skeptical about such claims, but nowadays we can only admit the fact that Ishan is probably right.
In fact, leaving out some specific products, which manage to remain hidden to the last, smartphone enthusiasts are now starting to receive detailed information on the devices to be released months before the presentation event.
You may or may not like it, but the smartphone market now seems to have almost completely abandoned the "surprise" effect. We have seen cases of striking cases galore in recent years, but the most recent is certainly that of Samsung Galaxy S20, of which we now know everything about a month after the alleged presentation event (which will be 11 February 2020).

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The alleged data sheet of Samsung Galaxy S20

The most important leak related to Samsung Galaxy S20 is that coming from XDA Developers, which through the user with the nickname MaxWinebach seems to have had the opportunity to get your hands on the Plus 5G variant of the smartphone. It all started on January 13, 2020, when photos of Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G appeared, that is, the ones you see scattered throughout the article.
Thanks to the latter, we know that most likely the smartphone will have a quadruple rear camera arranged in a "rectangle" at the top left on the back. Remaining in the backcover, the inevitable Samsung logo peeks out at the bottom center.
Moving to the front of Galaxy S20 + 5G, from the photos it is clear that the device will have a hole for the camera at the top in a central position. The screen should therefore have a high screen-to-body ratio, similar to what we have seen with other smartphones that have a similar design (such as, for example, Galaxy S10 Lite). However, the size of the device should be higher.

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For the rest, the alleged official backgrounds have also leaked online (here we have explained how to download them) and the first video hands on has also been disclosed, where you can see that the power button and the volume rocker are on the right , while the left side seems to be completely "empty".

However, there is no button for Bixby and the 3.5 mm jack for headphones, but it seems that there will be USB Type-C earphones made by AKG inside the sales package. In short, we essentially know everything about the design of the smartphone.
Turning to the technical characteristics, MaxWinebach has installed the well-known Device Info HW application to better understand which components are present in the Galaxy S20 + 5G that has come into its possession. Well, the information returned by the app are as follows: 11GB of RAM (12GB LPDRR5 will probably be mentioned), 128GB of internal memory (UFS 3.0 is rumored) and 4500 mAh battery (perhaps with support for 25W fast charging).
For the rest, it seems practically certain the fact that the device will arrive in two variants, one mounting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and one instead with the Exynos 990.
The leaked model seems to use a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with WQHD + resolution (3200 x 1440 pixels), the most relevant novelty discovered by the leaker is the presence of an option in the settings that allows you to choose between 60 Hz (at maximum resolution) and 120 Hz (at Full HD + resolution, i.e. 2400 x 1080 pixels).

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There is no lack of detailed information on the photographic sector of Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G. The aforementioned Device Info HW app managed to correctly detect only three of the four sensors available: apparently there would be a 12MP Sony IMX 555, a 64MP Samsung ISOCell S5KGW2 and a Samsung ISOCell S5K2LA. We can imagine that between the lenses there are a main sensor, a telephoto lens and an ultra-wide one, while it seems to be evident that the small hole on the right is a microphone and that at the top there is the LED flash. The front sensor appears to be a 10MP Sony IMX 374 instead.

At the moment no software features have been found related to the much rumored 108MP sensor, but according to the sources it could also be a lack of the pre-release build. Using the camera, MaxWinebach instead found the support for video recording up to 8K / 30fps resolution and other interesting features, such as Smart Angle Selfie (able to automatically detect how many subjects are in the self-timer and activate the wide-angle lens accordingly), Single Take (designed to show a subject from various angles) and Pro Video (essentially the mode Pros that we are used to using for photos, but this time related to videos).

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Although there is no official confirmation, what has been leaked so far shows almost all the news that we will see on Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G. As for the remaining models belonging to the new range of smartphones from the South Korean company, they will probably arrive a basic variant (4000 mAh, 6.2-inch display) and an Ultra (which should have a 6.2-inch display, 16GB of RAM and a 5000mAh battery, perhaps the 108MP sensor could be exclusive to this model).
Depending on the markets, there should then be 4G and 5G models. Speaking of the price, of course there are still no precise indications, but it seems that the Galaxy S20 range can settle on figures similar to that seen with the Galaxy S10, perhaps with a slight increase. We remind you that last year the basic variant was sold in Italy for 929 euros, while the Plus variant had a starting price of 1029 euros.

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