Pilot Porsche on Ethereum blockchain to trace provenance materials

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We will also be present on the second day of the Blockchain Expo Europe in Amsterdam. There are many keynotes and panels about the use of blockchain in different sectors. Consider, for example, logistics, healthcare and the investment sector.

But the automotive industry is also fully engaged in innovation. This morning, Claudio Welch from Porsche spoke about the opportunities and challenges of blockchain at Porsche.

Ethereum blockchain to guarantee the origin of leather

Claudio Welch: “Developments in the automotive industry are going fast. Technology plays an increasingly important role in this. You can think of electric cars, or the development of self-driving cars. In recent years we have also focused on blockchain and AI. “

“For example, we are currently running a pilot on the Ethereum blockchain to trace the origin of leather.”

From cow to covering

The use of blockchain in the logistics chain (supply chain) is a common use case. And Porsche also goes along with it. Porsche uses the Ethereum blockchain to trace the origin of cow leather in their cars.

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It is often difficult to trace the origin of the cows from the start. Where does the cow come from? Has the beast had a good life?

Porsche may have made agreements about this with the supplier, but so far it is difficult to provide direct evidence.

And that is where blockchain comes in. All steps in the logistics chain can be closely monitored on the blockchain. From farmer, butcher, tannery to the upholstery in the car.

Other projects

Porsche is also fully developing other projects that use blockchain technology. The company is also working on a way to charge electric cars more efficiently. This solution was developed during the Odessey Hackathon, which took place in Groningen this year.

Want to know more about Porsche and blockchain? Then take a look at this page.