Polsat Plus Group with a new name and brands at an ever higher level

Polsat Plus Group with a new name and brands at an ever higher level

Polsat Plus Group took the place of Cyfrowy Polsat Group. Consistency of logos and nomenclature means big changes, especially as new products and brands, including VOD services, have also appeared.

What is Polsat Plus Group?

Polsat Plus Group was established as part of the rebranding of Cyfrowy Polsat Group. The main purpose of the introduced changes was to make the offer more consistent and simplified. The brands included in the Polsat Plus Group have received new logos that are now similar to each other. As we remember well, Polsat’s sun was significantly different, for example, from the Plus logo, which made it more difficult to associate it with one group.

However, the colors have not changed and the Plus logo is still green, which symbolizes innovation, development and care for the environment and a better life. Polsat remained yellow, which shows joy, optimism from the sun and energy.

In total, Polsat Plus Group customers use today over 18 million Internet, TV and mobile telephony services. Let’s see what’s going on in each service group.

The 5G network is growing in Plus

Plus is currently focusing on expanding the 5G network and it is doing very well. Currently, the network covers over 15 million Poles from almost 500 towns. Which means access to 5G for over 40% of the country’s inhabitants, which provides over 2,200 base stations. Of course, it would be nothing without access to the appropriate equipment, so Plus offers over 40 smartphones and routers operating in the 5G network. Access to eSIM cards and the possibility of electronic signing of services at points of sale are also a great help for customers. In turn, the 5G network itself can now be used in every Plus subscription.

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What distinguishes the 5G network in Plus? It is currently the widest available frequency band. The principle of the cellular network is simple. The wider the available frequency band, the faster and more data can be transferred with it. Thanks to the fact that the Plus band is even more than three times wider than that of the competition, the speeds obtained are usually higher and can be enjoyed by more customers in the same place and at the same time. The RFBenchmark report shows that the average data download speeds in Plus are even several times higher than that of the competition.

In Polsat, film, series and entertainment, all available on any device

Polsat’s television offer includes the main channel and almost 40 thematic channels, and some of them also received new logos (such as Polsat News), consistent with the changes carried out in the Group. All Polsat channels are watched by almost 20 million people a month. This is more than half of Poles. The channel schedule includes completely new program productions, such as “Family Food Fight. A duel for flavors, and serials, such as “Kitchen”. The autumn schedule also includes the continuation of proven entertainment formats: “Ninja Warrior Polska”, “Your Face Sounds Familiar” or “Love Island. The Island of Love “, as well as the continuation of the series adored by viewers (” Commissioner Mama “,” Friends “and many others).

Polsat channels can be watched via satellite, Internet TV, terrestrial TV, but also through two internet services – Polsat Go and Polsat Box Go. The first allows you to watch selected productions not only of Polsat (they are available after being broadcast on TV), but also including a wide range of cult series and movies (including, for example, “Sami Swoi”) for free, but with advertising blocks. Polsat Box Go is, in turn, an extensive website with rich thematic packages (including movie Polsat Box Go Premium and sports Polsat Box Go Sport), with access to TV channels, premium series (such as “System” or “Osaczony”), as well as pre-premiere episodes of TV Polsat production and the most popular channels and sports events. The website is paid, but it is ad-free. We wrote more about both websites in this material.

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Polsat Box, former Cyfrowy Polsat, offers a very wide access to content

Polsat Box is the former Cyfrowy Polsat, where the core of the offer is, of course, access to television channels. Up to 150 channels are included in the basic packages and rich thematic packages. These are sports packages with channels such as Eleven Sports, Polsat Sport Premium or Canal Plus 3 and 4, film packages with HBO channels and HBO GO, FilmBox, or with cartoons for children (Children package). This includes channels in 4K quality, for owners of the polsat box 4K decoder, which appeared on the offer several days ago. I admit that I do not know a second, so well-developed decoder. We have here, among others Bluetooth remote control and DUO function. It is a complete novelty on the market, which allows you to switch between IPTV and satellite cable TV signals.

Posat Box packages, available in satellite, cable IPTV and Internet OTT options, start from PLN 20 per month.

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Are you a client of Polsat Plus Group services? Here are the most important changes

Visual changes visible to the customers of Polsat Plus Group’s services are noticeable not only at the level of logos, but also websites. Brand logos have changed, including those visible on invoices. Plus customers have probably noticed the change of the name of the Mobilny Plus Online application to iPlus. The website, available at iplus.pl, currently operates under the same name. At the new address, we can also find the Polsat Box brand website – polsatbox.pl, and the former Internet Customer Service Center is available at iPolsatBox.pl.

The addresses of VOD services are: polsatboxgo.pl (the service that replaced Ipla and Cyfrowy Polsat Go) and polsatgo.pl (containing free content from Telewizja Polsat). Importantly, the login data for customers remained unchanged compared to the existing websites. Similarly, all issues related to services, their operation or, above all, fees and subscriptions have not changed.

The changes within Polsat Plus Group are definitely a brand refreshment. Not only visual. The group tried to make the changes not only to the logos and provided us with new websites and services that should quickly become a permanent fixture in our homes

The material was created in cooperation with the Polsat Plus Group.

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