Porsche said yes to the Android Auto app

Porsche said yes to the Android Auto app

Porsche, after many years of resisting the Google system, has finally decided to invite Android Auto to at least one of its cars … although the company has not even set a timeframe for this to happen.

We learned this from Michael Ensinger, electronics manager at the Porsche SUV line, who revealed to Digital Trends journalists that the German concern had not previously offered Android Auto in any of its cars because most of his customers had an Apple device at the time Google released the software … and it was in 2015. While Android Auto was of interest in the United States, it was not high enough to justify adding this feature to models such as the Panamera and Cayenne. However, it is already 2018, and among Porsche customers there are already quite a few who use Android-powered smartphones.

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Therefore, some of the company’s models may be compatible with Android Auto “in the near future,” said Ensinger. Details like the price of adding Android Auto compatibility to Porsche will also be released in the past … as long as Michael didn’t rush this announcement. However, Android users in Porsche are no longer lost as they can connect their smartphones to the Porsche Connect app. It is there that they will check whether, closed the doors or windows, but also unlock and lock the car. They can also view fuel and oil levels, and even maintenance data.

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