Possible decrease to $ 8,000 for a Bitcoin

Possible decrease to $ 8,000 for a Bitcoin

Possible decrease to $ 8,000 for Bitcoin

Over the past 36 hours, the Bitcoin price has dropped significantly below the $ 10,000 mark, to $ 9300 in the day.

Analyst Alex Krüger is of the opinion that the reason for the decline was the negative comments made by President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Other analysts say there is a possible fall to $ 8,000 in the short term:

“My forecast for maximum bitcoin correction is close to $ 8k (plus-minus 5%), which would represent a reduction of nearly 40% +. This also means that altcoins will be affected much more significantly in percentage terms “

analyst Josh Rager said on Twitter.

BTC’s market dominance is close to 66%, and its drop in price has generated major losses for other cryptomonas. For example, ETH fell below the $ 200 threshold, and EOS at $ 3.6, levels recorded during the winter crypt.

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Tether launches on the Algorand blockhouse

The most used and sometimes controversial stable USDT cryptomonon is launched on a fifth blockchain. Tether announced that the token will also be launched on the Algorand network.

Currently USDT issues Omni, Ethereum, Tron and EOS.

USDT is widely used by traders as on-ramp for the crypto market. Also, exchanges use the token to transfer funds to each other to avoid bank involvement.

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This weekend, Tether inadvertently issued $ 5 billion in the swap process between two blockchains. The company’s CTO argued that the incident had taken place because the token was on multiple networks and promised to take action to prevent such incidents in the future.

Waves sells the Vostok project

Vostok’s start-up, created by Waves, was sold to one of the project’s investors. According to Gazeta.ru, CEO Waves Alexander Ivanov sold his project to Mark Garber, financial consultant of the GHP Group.

Vostok was used by the Russian state-owned Rostec conglomerate in 2018 to manage the data of the 700 industrial entities of the firm. In addition, his project “Gorod N” has made a partnership with Nijni Novgorod administrators to develop block-based budget and budget management systems.

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Ivanov said he wants to focus on developing the Waves platform and will open an office in Berlin in the coming period.

The FCA employs cripto specialists

UK Financial Advice Authority (FCA) has recently posted job advertisements for two Cryptomonas specialists.

According to ads published on LinkedIn, the UK regulator is building a new digital assets team. To this end, the FCA seeks to hire a specialist associate on Crypto Intelligence and a specialist supervisor for crypto-assets.

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The regulator is currently working on a comprehensive set of cryptomonas guides. They should provide “regulatory clarity for market participants” and clarify “whether the crypto goods they use fall into the regulatory perimeter or not.”


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