President of NVIDIA on competition from AMD Aldebaran and the market situation

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Recently, Jensen Huang, president of NVIDIA, was interviewed by both The Next Platform and Yahoo! Finance. From them, we can get two key pieces of information – both about competition and the future of the market.

In recent interviews, the president of NVIDIA reveals that he sees the future of the market in bad colors

Let’s start with the words that were said in an interview with Yahoo! Finance. There, the CEO of NVIDIA stated that the shortages of GPUs and components would continue and last until 2023. Apparently, nothing can be done about it, and the crisis will continue, because the company cannot just pull an ace out of its sleeve. The CEO expects that even in 2022, demand will significantly exceed supply, despite full support from suppliers and manufacturing companies.

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In an interview with the second service, Huang mentioned the recently presented Aldebaran graphics processor from AMD, which will equip next-generation graphics accelerators in data centers. Although he admitted that the competition in this segment is very fierce and every year there is another piece of equipment called “NVIDIA Destroyer”, he is sure NVIDIA’s advantage in this segment.

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It is a pity that he did not recognize the superiority of AMD in the field of advanced graphics cores, thanks to MCM technology. It just so happens that Aldebaran MI250 is the first accelerator whose GPU consists of many silicon chips. NVIDIA will not reveal its answer to this until next year at GTC.

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