Prido X6 video recorder test, i.e. a model from a domestic manufacturer

Prido X6 video recorder test, i.e. a model from a domestic manufacturer

The prido offer has just expanded with the company’s new, most impressive video recorder, which boils down to the interior mirror and includes both a GPS module and an additional rear view camera. I am talking about the prido X6 + GPS model for PLN 699, although you can also get a cheaper prido X6 for PLN 649 without a GPS module.

prido X6 + GPS is a really rich video recorder

In a hard cardboard box hidden in a simple dust jacket, which exhausts the topic of the possibilities of the X6 with a vengeance, we will find a whole lot of equipment packed in a whole lot of plastic bags. I am talking about the video recorder itself, a 360-cm USB-A to miniUSB cable, a two-port cigarette lighter plug and two pairs of rubber mounting clips of different sizes.

At least when it comes to what is most important, because the set also includes a GPS module with double-sided tape, over 5-meter cable for the rear camera, double-sided tape and two screws specially for this webcam. The rest is completed with accessories such as a spoon for lifting plastic elements of the car cabin, handles for better cable routing and a microfiber cloth.

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The assembly is time-consuming to some extent, as it requires much more effort for the full functionality of the prido X6 + GPS. We need to take care not only of the main video recorder and its cable, but also the one related to the rear camera and the GPS module. The matter is complicated if you want to use the rear view camera in the automatic view switching mode after shifting the reverse gear – then you have to connect it directly to the electrical system.

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However, if you can do without it, you can always mount it on the windshield (I glued the camera directly to it) or on the ceiling, using magnets purchased separately … or screw it to it with two attached screws. Regardless of your choice, you always have the option to manually turn on the rear camera view on the main screen.

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After the assembly, you can start playing with the options, but most of all with the right mirror positioning so that you can still have a view of the rear window and the angle of view is right. Fortunately, in this matter, an adjustable lens comes in handy and the possibility of “extending” it by 2/3 centimeters to the side.

The video recorder itself is made of hard plastic and has a button on the bottom edge and a set of ports on the top, next to which there is a slot for microSD memory cards up to 64 GB. The quality and design itself does not knock you down, but it does not matter, because the 9.66-inch touch screen on the front is responsible for the quality of which you can not complain about … except for visible flickering, regardless of the choice of 50 or 60 Hz refreshing. When you press the on / off button on the underside, it first enters the date and time display mode, then turns the screen off completely to function as a conventional rearview mirror.

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prido X6 in practice

The manufacturer provided prido X6 with all the most important features (automatic start, microphone, loudspeaker, parking mode operating with a 500 mAh battery, shock sensor, or saving in a loop with file protection), but also the extra ones (GPS for reading location and speed, rear camera with the assist function when reversing), or even extremely rare, and I am talking about the lane assistant function, which warns us when we leave the line. In a dynamic urban environment it does not work very well (there is simply no time to activate in traffic jams and in constant turns), but after entering expressways it works flawlessly.

If I were the manufacturer, I would only try to make the settings menu more intuitive, according to the additional icons, because the main screen (displaying the most important icons in the form of shortcuts) shows that it “can”. The very operation of the touch screen and the quality of the display do not knock you down, but it does not interfere with the use, and it is definitely enough to display the recording in the event of a problem on the road and identify the perpetrator of the incident. It is a pity that after connecting the Prido X6 to a computer, we cannot transfer the recordings directly from the card.

The quality of the prido X6 recordings

When it comes to how the Prido X6 records, the producer did not go crazy here, despite the high price. Front recordings are made in 1080p and 30 FPS resolution thanks to the 150-degree lens, and the back ones in [email protected] combined with a lens with a viewing angle of 130 degrees. Recordings are saved in MOV format (H.264 codec), and photos with a resolution of 2 Mpx in .jpg. The effects are as follows:

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Prido X6 + GPS test – summary

The title of “polarizing” fits the Prido X6 perfectly, but not because of what it has to offer, but for what price it is trying to do it. The entire PLN 699, for a model with such possibilities, is definitely an exaggeration by about PLN 200, because in the area of ​​PLN 500 we will find models with a built-in (not a separate one!) GPS, rear view camera and even the addition of Wi-Fi and apps, though not necessarily lane assist.

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Therefore, the prido X6 + GPS, although it cannot be deleted or subclassed (depending on the type of car window – the flatter the better), definitely not recommend at the official pricebecause this one is simply too high. The rating would change if the quality of the recordings jumped from Full HD and HD to this one step higher, i.e. to 2K and Full HD. So we apply the badge below only if you can hunt down Prido X6 at a lower price.

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