Problems after installing programs and how to fix them

It often happens that after installing a program, we find that it does not work. There can be many reasons for this. As a rule, this phenomenon is not typical for licensed programs, but for pirated programs, which are in great demand, it is quite common. Let’s look at the main reasons why the program does not work, and the ways how to activate it (if at all possible).
1. The disc contains a whole collection of so-called RIP programs. Usually the manufacturers of legal discs place the program on a separate disc, and sometimes on several. Pirates, taking care of our comfort, diligently cut out all unnecessary (together with the necessary), compress the remnants with an archiver and put dozens of programs on the disk. About 30% of these programs will definitely not work. Therefore, do not be surprised, you yourself realized what kind of thing you are buying. The remaining 70% will work, but not all are fully functional.
2. Often a beta version of the program is written to disk. These are programs that manufacturers put on the market for testing. Pirates, taking advantage of the moment, record these programs, passing them off as ready-made versions. This is done in order to enter the market with a unique new product. Usually such programs work, but often not with all equipment or require additional components. That is why they are checked.
3. The program has taken on a Russified form, i.e. it was Russified by outside people, not the manufacturer. At the same time, the “translators” do not care at all whether the program works at all, but the quality of the translation is appropriate (“translation with a dictionary”).
4. The program functions only until a certain time. If you like it, you can “buy” it for a fee. This “shareware” principle is widespread among developers.
5. It happens that a program that worked without problems in Windows 95 and 98 does not want to work in XP. In general, modern operating systems should work with older programs, but this does not always happen. To run the program anyway, you need to do the following. Find the shortcut of this program and, by clicking on it with the right mouse button, select the line “Properties” from the menu. In the pop-up window, select the line “Compatibility” and select the appropriate operating system. The program should work.
6. There may be conflicts at the software or device level. To check if all the hardware is working properly, open the “Control Panel” and select the “System” icon. Next, you need to select the “Hardware” tab and then “Device Manager”. Make sure there are no yellow question marks or red exclamation marks next to the listed devices. If there are such signs, then it is necessary to install the drivers of the corresponding devices.
7. There are situations when there is incompatibility with the installed version of DirectX. In this case, it is advisable to install the latest version that you have. It can often be found in the distribution of installation files for a game.

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