Quantum Origin provided the world with quantum encryption

Quantinuum has announced the creation and sale of Quantum Origin. It is the world’s first key generator that enables encryption using quantum technology. It aims to provide customers with quantum-based encryption algorithms with varying levels of complexity, bringing data into a new era of security.

According to Quantinuum, Quantum Origin’s encryption algorithms, which are based on quantum computing, are “an excellent, unquestionable security solution for modern companies”. All because of the popular “steal now, decrypt later” method, in which hackers steal encrypted data in the hope that in the future more common quantum computers will make it possible to decode it. However, the company says it also provides encryption techniques that are resistant to decryption attempts by competing quantum computing systems.

In Quantum Origin, the entire process comes down to data encryption with computing power unavailable even to the most efficient supercomputers, because it involves the power of quantum computing systems. No wonder, as they can unlock levels of complexity in encrypted data that are simply unattainable by a computing architecture.

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), for example, is anxiously drafting standards that will keep domestic public sector cryptography alive for the foreseeable future. The question is simple: what if attackers stole information today to decode it later – when will they finally gain access to future quantum technology? But the answer to that question – quantum encryption, which is purely forward-looking – wasn’t available… until Quantinuum was released.


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