Recover photos and videos received in Whatsapp, if deleted

How to restore and review files, media, photos and videos received in Whatsapp chats even if they have been deleted from your phone

Whatsapp is not only a chat, but also the most used tool for exchanging photos and videos between friends.
Whatsapp has a rather surprising storage and archiving system for the “media” received, so much so that it is possible review images and videos even from some time ago and even if they have been deleted from the phone memory.
WhatsApp, in fact, allows users who have deleted multimedia content from their devices to recover them without the need to make any backups.
Any file received can be recovered and re-downloaded from Whatsapp, not only images, but also videos, GIFs, voice messages, audio files and documents.

The only problem is that this automatic recovery does not always apply, because, for example, the photos sent that have been deleted from the phone’s memory can no longer be recovered, unless special methods are used.

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WhatsApp photo and video recovery on iPhone

On iPhone, whenever multimedia content is received from someone on WhatsApp, it is not loaded automatically.
The photo, for example, appears blurry with a download symbol that you have to tap to view it.
After downloading a photo or video, it is saved in the folders “WhatsApp“and also in”Roll” in Photo (in “Video“if it’s a video).
GIFs, on the other hand, are not saved in Photos and remain only in Whatsapp.

Once you have downloaded and viewed the photos and videos received in WhatsApp messages, they can be removed from the Photos app without fear.
First of all, by default, all deleted media on iPhone are not immediately deleted in the Photoma app just moved to the folder “Recently deleted“where they will remain for 30 days before finally disappearing.
In any case, however, aEven after deleting the photo or video, it can be recovered opening the chat where it was received in Whatsapp where it can be downloaded again.
The important thing is that the multimedia content or the chat in which it was received must not have been deleted from WhatsApp,
If the conversation is still there and has not been deleted, you can search for each photo and video from the chat settings and then, tap the item to save it using the key. Share lower left.
The image or video will return to the Photos app.

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If it is a photo or video sent on WhatsApp, it works exactly the same way and just tap on it and use the share icon to save it.

WhatsApp photo and video recovery on Android

WhatsApp’s Android app is slightly different from the one on iOS.
Even in Whatsapp on Android, if you disable the automatic media download (in Settings> Data usage> Storage), received photos and videos appear with a blurry thumbnail and download icon, plus an indication of the file size.
Furthermore, these will only appear in the gallery of the Photos app if you have activated the option in settings> Chat (see also how to hide photos received in Whatapp from the gallery)
For each file received in the past, if it has been deleted from the phone’s internal memory, it will be possible to recover it opening the chat where it was sent and tapping the blurry thumbnail to be able to re-download it.
Recovery will not be possible if the conversation has been deleted (if a group has been left) or if the content of the specific message has been deleted.
The restored media that is downloaded will also be visible on your main photo gallery (if the option is on).

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Recovery of very old photos may not work and when you try to tap the button to download them from the blurry thumbnail in the chat, the message “Download failed, this media is not present, ask …. to resend it“.
I did not understand the storage time limit in the cloud which is in Whatsapp, so maybe let me know.

For photos and videos sent from your phoneOn the other hand, if these are no longer present in the phone memory, even if the message and the thumbnail are present in the chat, there is no way to re-download and restore it.
In case you are unable to recover the photo or video because it has been manually deleted, there is still a hope if you have not used the option to delete the media from the phone.

If you create a chat with yourself on Whatsapp, the files saved in this chat will remain recoverable from the cloud and available, at least for several months.

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In each chat, you can tap the options button at the top right and then go to see the list of all shared media.
Finally, remember that in Settings> Archive Usage, you can see all the photos, videos, GIFs and audio messages of each chat in order to Free up space in Whatsapp and delete photos and videos from some conversations forever.

Finally, I refer to the guide to Recover deleted Whatsapp messages and restore backups to be used as a last resort to find deleted photos and videos.

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