Recover your Lost Files on your Windows PC – With and Without Programs

Recover your Lost Files on your Windows PC – With and Without Programs

Would you like to know how can you recover your lost files on your Windows PC, with and without programs? Next, we will explain the different ways in which you can do it, without any problem.

What is the conventional way to search for lost files on Windows computer?

The most conventional way to search and recover lost files is through the file search engines, from the Trash or from the last modification we made, let’s start with the file browser.

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With the file finder

  1. To search your files from this search engine, go to the initial Taskbar of the Windows window, then select the Startup Orb.
  2. When you click on this button, a window will be displayed, place your cursor over the box that is shown when opening it, from there you can search for your lost file, just remember the name you gave it or its extension.
  3. Write in the box the name of the file, search will start immediately, and at the end, at the top of the window your file and the place where it is located will be shown.

In the recycle bin

This is the most basic way to find your lost file, just go to Desktop of your Windows window. Then, double-click on your recycle bin, a window will open where you will find the files that have been deleted.

First click on the file so that it is shaded, then right click and select from the window the option ‘Restore’, immediately, the file that you had deleted will be located back to its place of origin.

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Since last modification by folder

To recover it from the last modification, that is, if you remember the date on which you modified said folder, what you can do is locate it by date. For it, go to Windows Explorer when entering it by double-clicking on your team from the option ‘This Team’ or ‘My Team’ found on your ‘Desktop’.

Then, write in the box ‘Search in Lost Files’ the following ‘modification date’ :, then, as soon as you do this, the calendar will be displayed, put the date of the last modification of your folder with its respective diagonals, that is, it would be something as well as modification closing: 8/15/2020 and immediately all files and folders modified on that date will be displayed.

How can I access the backups on my Windows computer?

To access this you just have to go to the Windows start button, then select the option ‘Control Panel’ from the displayed window, then System and maintenance, then Backup and Restore. Then select the option ‘Restore my files’ and continue with the steps indicated by the wizard.

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What external software can I use to find my lost file?

There are a number of programs capable of searching for your lost file, but in this article we will talk about the most prominent in this field.


This program is capable of recovering all your deleted files that have been permanently deleted, you just have to open it, then, select the drive where you lost your file and click on ‘Scan’.

Afterwards, files will be shown with the preservation of the original name, select the folder where perhaps it should be, if you see that you still cannot find it, carry out another search, but with greater power.

Recuva program

To do this, proceed to open the options menu of the Recuve program (File then Options) and then, in the Actions tab, you will select ‘Deep scan ‘, you give OK and the drive will be scanned again.

You will see a colored icon next to each file, each color represents something, verify and select those files that you want to recover and click on ‘Get it back’ and ready.

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

If even so with each and every one of the ways you have not been able to recover your file, we recommend that you download Stellar Phoenix Widows Data Recore, and it will allow you recover files not only lost, but deleted such as videos, emails … And on those disks that you have made partitions of formatted hard drives and on the different storage media.