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Remote Desktop on Mac: The Best Programs
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Control a Mac remotely it is a practical solution that allows you to access your work computer when you are at home and vice versa, and is also a way to provide assistance to someone quickly and easily.

The programs available in this area are diverse and proven. With the availability of internet connections, the software for remote access to a Mac are within everyone’s reach thanks to the availability of Free and Trial licenses that allow you to test the goodness of the software.

Remote Desktop on Mac: The Best Programs

In this article we present some of the most used remote control programs on Mac both on the home user side and on the business side.

1. TeamViewer

One of the most popular software to remotely access a computer, available for Windows, Linux, iPad, iPhone and therefore also for macOS.

This is generally a paid solution but also available in form free for non-commercial use. If used to give remote assistance or if used too frequently, it is automatically blocked and requires the purchase of a regular full license.

TeamViewer does not need a specific configuration to enable a remote connection but the permissions must still be granted from the macOS Security & Privacy settings.

In addition to the full version, it also exists in simpler dedicated versions:

  • TeamViewer QuickSupport: version that does not require installation (works as a “portable” program) and is used to immediately receive remote assistance from someone
  • TeamViewer Host: to have access to a computer 24/7

To connect to your computer, without explicit consent, you need an account on the TeamViewer site and therefore the creation of a username and password.

The software is very powerful and has some advanced features such as remote assistance via Virtual Reality (called “Pilot”) or Meeting for group video calls.


  • It can also be used for File Transfer only
  • It exists in a free version – if used little and only for personal purposes
  • Excellent quality – depends on the available upload and download bandwidth


  • Licenses are very expensive – they start at € 29.90 per month for a single user who can start one session at a time
  • Impossible to use on an older computer – continually requires updates to the latest versions available if you don’t have a paid license
  • Annoying advertising on the Free version

2. Supreme

SupRemo Control Desktop Remote MacOS

SupRemo is cross-platform software, available for macOS that does not require any configuration or installation. It is available free of charge for non-continuous personal use, while for professional use there are very convenient licenses (Solo or Business), to be chosen according to the number of users and the control sessions you want to start at the same time.

The macOS version of Supremo allows connections:

  • da Mac a Mac
  • and Windows on Mac
  • and Mac on Windows

It can be installed for unattended automatic logon, therefore it allows you to easily connect to a PC or Mac without the need for a physical person present on site to authorize the connection request. This function is very useful for those who need to connect to their Mac or office PC.

Very interesting is the possibility to “brand” the connection client for business use (a feature that, at the time of writing, is available on Windows and coming soon for Mac).

SupRemo Remote Desktop And Custom Brand


  • Very advantageous prices and plans: from € 5 / month per user with the possibility of purchasing quarterly plans
  • Ease of use: just download the software, start it and enter the ID and password of the device you want to connect to
  • Security: the connection is protected by encryption protocols, complex alphanumeric passwords and by an allowed ID filter that allows you to enable only some specific IDs for the connection
  • File Transfer: You can transfer files from the remote PC or Mac to the computer you are accessing from
  • Free and unlimited Contacts address book
  • Multi-monitor support: If you are connected to a device with multiple monitors, you can easily switch between monitors
  • Automatic updates: you can automatically install the new versions available, without manual intervention on each device on which Supremo is started


  • Absence of VOIP
  • Not present Wake-on-Lan

3. LogMeIn

MacOS Remote Control With LogMeIn

LogMeIn software has been around for some time and is geared towards professional support rather than controlling your workstations when you are away from home.
With these premises, the connection program has a fairly high cost and there is no free version for the home user who prefers to spend less for a support program.

Licenses are priced differently depending on whether you want to use the Rescue Mobile version or the basic Rescue Lens / Rescue version or not.

All versions have it anyway very advanced features and the LogMeIn page itself goes into too much detail for a software that must be presented in a simple and straightforward way.


  • The team offers ongoing program support (24/7)
  • Many advanced functions (API, SDK, diagnostic functions)


  • The macOS version is not native and uses a Windows emulator (wine) to run correctly
  • Only in English
  • Registration required to use the program (provide personal data, email and password).
  • There is only a Trial version (14 days trial) and not the free Free version
  • Very expensive license – over 90 € per month (and another 30 € to use the mobile version)

4. Zoho Assist

Remote Desktop Access Zoho Assist

Zoho offers a solution called Zoho Assist which consists of remote connection software designed mostly for small and medium-sized businesses.
For Zoho Assist there is a completely free version with obviously limited functions. Among the most important features that are absent in the free version, we point out the lack of File Transfer between one computer and another which for many can be fundamental.

It supports macOS from version 10.14 onwards (essential to know because it will not work if you have an older Mac with updates prior to Mojave).

Zoho Assist is cloud based and to share your screen and computer you start by registering an account on the web page. It is one of the few to have the extension for Chrome or Edge which also makes installation easy for people less accustomed to using certain tools.

Like other remote access programs, Zoho Assist also offers a Zoho Lens version for augmented reality assistance and Zoho Meeting for video conferencing; however, these are different software that have separate licenses compared to simple remote control for macOS.


  • Competitive price – 10 € per month for the standard version to give remote support and unattended access (unattended access)


  • Registration required for Free download
  • More suitable for use at the Enterprise level
  • Even if guided, the registration and use procedure is less immediate than the competition (browser extension recommended for those who need to receive support quickly)

Other Mac remote desktop programs

There are also many other programs besides those mentioned in this comparison. We list others for your knowledge or if you want to try them on your Apple computer:

If you are a Windows user, our article on the 12 Best Remote Desktop Programs on Windows PC is available.

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