Results of the international forum Terracrypto V

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7 december the final event of the cryptoindustry of this year took place in “Art Moscow Voykovskaya”, Moscow – V international forum on digital cryptocurrency mining.

The event gathered more than 450 guests interested in the topic of the forum, 50 speakers, who discussed the topics of mining and trading on two parallel platforms.

The combination of various formats allowed the participants to immerse themselves as deeply as possible into the topic of the event: 37 cases and analytical reports, 3 plenary discussions about equipment, hosting, pools and customer attention management. Acquaintance with technological innovations, offline and online networking, interviews with experts who change the world every day and are not afraid to change themselves.

We heard a speech at the forum Yuri Pripachkin from RACIB, where he spoke about the legalization of cryptocurrency exchange in the Russian Federation and other countries. This topic turned out to be very interesting and attracted a lot of attention from ordinary participants of the event, since the problem of lobbying the industry at the state level is urgent for everyone.

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LAZM with the company’s representative Philip Modnov discussed the pros and cons of mining in the special economic zone and shared the real experience of the site.

Michael Ross-Johnson from Chatex spoke about cryptocurrency exchanges: security, trust, liquidity.

We discussed why Canaan is so popular with Edward Lu, First Vice President from Canaan, who flew to Russia for the first time.

In the trading hall, the performances of Roman Goryunov from CRYPTO ROBOTICS, Sergey Baloyan from X10 Agency, Ildar Shakirov from OKEkh, Adel Sabirzyanov from Iman CF stood out.

Topical discussions: “Mining in the CIS in 2020. Money or risks? ”,“ What to do with the mined? ” and Market Information Governance: Instruments of Influence helped to look at the industry from new perspectives.

Nikita Vassev

Summing up the results of the forum, Nikita Vassev, founder and CEO of the forum TerraCrypto said:

The most important thing is how to organize, unite the community of miners who really have the capacity in the market. But not only for them we solve and raise issues.

The main thing is to attract a new audience, so that people learn what mining is and how you can make money on it.

Ilya Ogurtsov

Ilya Ogurtsov, co-founder of the forum TerraCrypto:

TerraCrypto forums manage to create a development atmosphere. For this we are appreciated by partners, of whom this time there were thirty-four. I would especially like to highlight my favorite miners from Canaan, traders from Amir Capital.

The trading hall will certainly get an impulse for development next year. Hot questions about which assets are more interesting in short positions, when Bitcoin will be worth $ 50,000 and how to manage your attention – are worth more time and more seats.

The key partners of the conference were representatives of Canaan – the world leader in the production of Blockchain equipment, Enegix – the largest Data Center in the CIS, Cryptor – services in the development and implementation of mining projects, LeoMining – working on creating complex solutions for potential partners, MskMiner – service and sale of mining equipment, is a Singapore investment holding, Amir Capital Group is a whole ecosystem of financial instruments, SUEX is the largest cryptocurrency exchanger in Moscow City, 3Logic is the number 1 distributor in the CIS, RRMine is a global asset management platform, Chatex is personal assistant in the world of cryptocurrencies, Cryptor – assistance in leasing and building infrastructure for mining.

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