Revolut Stays – a new platform for booking accommodation

It looks like Revolut is about to compete with He launched the Stays platform, through which it will be possible to book accommodation, while taking advantage of interesting bonuses.

When getting ready for a vacation, we usually look at Booking in order to book accommodation. No wonder, after all, it is the most popular platform of this type, on which we can find and book accommodation practically all over the world. However, Revolut came to the conclusion that it would “steal” Booking’s customers. How? by launching the Stays platform.

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Through it, we will book accommodation in various places around the world. Cashback up to 10% was introduced to encourage customers to use their service. Therefore, when making a reservation, we receive a refund of some funds to our account. This is what should encourage a lot of people. In addition, due to the financial nature of its overall business, Revolut will also provide multi-currency accounts so that you can pay peace of mind when going abroad. It is also worth mentioning the access to airport lounges, where you can comfortably wait for a delayed plane. Revolut promises that this is not all and in the near future Stays will be enriched with new features.

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