“Rosseti FGC UES” – MES Siberia spoke about the situation with OOO “Krasseti”

MOSCOW, 8 Sep — PRIME. The branch of Rosseti FGC UES – MES Siberia received a response from the Minusinsk Interdistrict Prosecutor’s Office on the results of the consideration of the situation related to the termination of electricity transmission to individual consumers of Krasseti LLC from July 4, 2022.

According to the letter, the reason for the termination of the transmission of electricity to consumers was the inaction of Krasseti LLC, which itself initiated the proceedings.

The supervisory authority confirmed the arguments of “Rosseti FGC UES” – MES Siberia about the excess of LLC “Krasseti” of the actual power consumption by more than 20 times the allowable indicator established by the act of technological connection. In addition, facts were revealed that Krasseti LLC commissioned its own energy receiving facilities without the necessary permits.

Based on the results of the audit, violations of the legislation on the electric power industry were revealed in the actions of Krasseti LLC, including an administrative offense case was initiated against the general director of Krasseti LLC on the grounds of an offense under Art. 9.9 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation – commissioning of fuel and energy-consuming facilities without the permission of the authorities exercising supervision at these facilities. The materials of the case were also transferred to the regional department of Rostekhnadzor.

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Recall that between Rosseti FGC UES – MES Siberia and OOO Krasseti signed an agreement for the technical connection of a capacity of 1.06 MW, while the actual consumption of TSO in certain periods of 2022 exceeded the figure by more than 20 times. Such unforeseen loads can lead to damage at the main substation and, as a result, to disconnection of the population, industry and railway infrastructure in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Moreover, it carries risks to the life and health of personnel.

In this regard, the parameters of the technological protection installations of the Minusinskaya-opornaya 220 kV power supply center have been changed, and if the consumption volume specified in the technical connection act is significantly exceeded, the power is automatically turned off. Technically, the equipment of Rosseti FGC UES is energized and is ready to provide electricity to Krasseti LLC in accordance with the concluded agreement.

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