RTX 4000, according to a leaker, the 800 Watts on desktop will be touched

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RTX 4000, according to a leaker, the 800 Watts on desktop will be touched

Through a tweet, the leaker kopite7kimi has released some very interesting data on what should be the power limits of new video cards NVIDIA of the RTX 4000 series. In the enthusiast range it should go up to 800 Wattwhich would require multiple connectors and a massive cooling system to say the least.

However, a premise must be made. When it comes to “power limit”Refers to the maximum power that can be supplied by the board and not to TGP. What does it mean? TGP (Total Graphics Power) refers to the power delivered by GPU and circuit board on which it is housed, without taking into account any dissipation, lighting or overclocking systems.

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Basically, the consumption referred to is the maximum that can be reached by partners and overclockers. This means that in almost all (if not all) cases, the values ​​will be significantly lower. In any case, it remains interesting to see that new cards from NVIDIA should be able to catch up with the power density higher than ever in the client segment.

In the case of the chip AD102or the higher-end one aimed only at the desktop sector, you can get to well 800 Watt of power. In the other cases, however, they seem to remain in line with the current generation, with the chip AD103 which is positioned at 450 Watt in the case of desktops and 175 Watt for laptops (in line with the RTX 3080 Ti). The chip AD104 would stop at 400 Watt for the desktop sector, keeping the 175 Watt in the mobile one, while the AD106 would respectively reach i 260 W e 140 W.

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