Russia increased oil supplies to Asia

MOSCOW, Sep 2 — PRIME. The volume of oil supplies from Russia in various directions, in particular to Asia, has grown, the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline system is operating at maximum capacity, said Nikolai Tokarev, president of Transneft.

Named a side effect of the introduction of the ceiling on oil prices

“In accordance with the wishes of our customers, we have rebuilt logistics chains. In some directions, primarily Asian, the volume of deliveries has increased. The ESPO oil pipeline is operating at maximum capacity,” Tokarev said in his address to the company’s staff on the occasion of the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers , which was published in the journal “Pipeline transport of oil”.

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According to him, Transneft is successfully coping with the “challenges” associated with international sanctions and continues to work efficiently, which is facilitated by many years of consistent work in the field of import substitution, automation and digitalization. Despite the sanctions, the supply of oil and oil products for export is proceeding normally, without any violations by Transneft, Tokarev also noted.

“The interaction with the main partners, including the main export directions, has been preserved,” the President of Transneft emphasized.

In addition, Tokarev said that in January-July the company shipped 82 million tons of oil and oil products through sea terminals compared to 63 million in the same period a year earlier and increased the volume of transportation of oil and oil products within Russia.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak

Russia will not supply oil to those who support the price limit for it

Oil supplies for export via the southern branch of the Druzhba pipeline were temporarily suspended in August, Tokarev recalled. This situation was provoked by their actions by unfriendly countries, which were guided by “purely political motives, far from common sense and economic expediency,” he said. “However, thanks to the immediate and constructive support of our partners in Hungary, this artificial obstacle was quickly overcome. We consider this not only a production achievement, but also a convincing demonstration of our correctness and the strength of our long-term cooperation with colleagues in Europe,” Tokarev said.

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All production plans of Transneft are being carried out without significant changes, including in relation to the Druzhba oil pipeline, he concluded.