Russians warned about a virus hiding in WhatsApp extensions

MOSCOW, 22 Oct – PRIME. The first viruses for smartphones and other mobile devices appeared about 15 years ago. During this time, users have suffered a lot of problems from “black” developers. Today, the most beloved services of citizens, in particular, instant messengers, are being targeted by attackers, Pavel Myasoedov, director of the IT Reserve company, told the Prime agency.

The expert listed the habits that “kill” the smartphone

Taking into account the fact that smartphone owners spend an impressive part of their time in instant messengers, developers create an entire eco-environment around them, offering more convenient applications and all sorts of interface add-ons.

“The pursuit of convenience lulls the vigilance of users. This is what the creators of malicious mods for WhatsApp use. So, a person downloads a beautiful program and uses it as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, the virus spreads over the gadget, in some cases jumping to other devices , if the devices are connected to a single network like “smart home”, – explains the specialist.

Most often, phones catch such viruses in high traffic areas, for example, on video streaming sites. In simple words, where we watch videos or photos. The media content itself is relatively safe, but “the mods that are advertised on such portals can pose a serious threat,” the expert warns.

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It happens like this: the user downloads an unverified add-on to the phone, for example, for WhatsApp, installs it on the phone, and “along with heavy content, massive codes of pest programs also leak unnoticed.”

Just recently, according to this scheme, devices with an operating system based on Android began to get trojans “Triad”. These are dangerous programs that hack messengers, steal personal data, and also launch paid subscriptions to non-existent services.

Unfortunately, the features of Android do not allow you to instantly and completely protect owners from attacks by cybercriminals, Pavel Myasoedov notes. Therefore, it is very important to download applications only from reliable sources and use antiviruses.

“If you suspect that a virus has already penetrated your smartphone, remove all third-party messengers and, first of all, the notorious YoWhatsApp, which massively infects gadgets around the world. Install a high-quality antivirus and then reinstall the messengers you are already used to “, the expert advised.

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