RX570TM-ITX / TB3, RX 5700 XT and 5500 XT

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The two new motherboards from ASRock, the RX570RM-ITX / TB3 and the A320TM-ITX They are two quite peculiar models. In both new models the standard of distribution of components on their PCB has not been followed. None of these are developed to be mounted in traditional computer cases. Instead, they have been designed to be mounted in boxes intended to house external graphics cards.

If you look at the previous image, the distribution of I / O ports of these motherboards is different than usual. More typical of the motherboards that are usually installed in the integrated systems.

In any case, what is obvious is that these motherboards will have, at most, one PCIe x16 expansion slot. Being designed following the mini ITX standard.

The RX570TM-ITX / TB3 will include several ports Thunderbolt 3 which will help users connect their monitors directly to them.

ASRock has not shown any of the Radeon RX 5600 XT at CES 2020

In section graphics cards, ASRock has shown at CES 2020 several of its existing offers in its catalog. It has been possible to see, for example, the Radeon RX 5700 XT Taichi 8G OC +.

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This model is the current top of the range of the graphic card catalog of this manufacturer. Although the immediately inferior model was also visible, the model Challenger D, also with OC, but with a much simpler heatsink. And even a model of the newest Radeon RX 5500 XT.

The model that was completely absent from the ASRock exhibition was the recently presented Radeon RX 5600 XT. Just as other brands such as ASUS or GIGABYTE did have some of these models in their positions, it has not been the case of this other Taiwanese manufacturer. It seems that your model of this new graphics card is still in the design phase. And it won't be ready for some time.

What the brand has done is confirm that, by the time the new processor AMD Threadripper 3990X It goes on sale, on February 7, 2020, the new BIOS for your motherboards with TRX40 socket will be ready. That is, for their Taichi and Creator models. The new AMD processor model for the HEDT range It will be the first to mount 64 cores and 128 threads inside. And it has already been shown that, despite having a price of $ 3,990, it is much more powerful than the top-of-the-range processors of its great rival, Intel. Even when facing motherboard configurations with two processors running on the same motherboard.

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