Samsung Galaxy J7 vs J7 Prime Which is Better? Advantages and disadvantages

Samsung Galaxy J7 vs J7 Prime Which is Better? Advantages and disadvantages

Samsung has already launched about a year ago, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, It is good to say that it is the best version than the Samsung Galaxy j7 (2016) and its the one that preceded it, which of course are much older versions of it, this version underwent many changes, after all the problems that I present the presentation Previously, there were many problems around the Samsung Galaxy j7 that differs greatly from its S7 version.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Pros of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

  • It is a new version but this one has an additional Slot for SIM this is the whole possibility of Double YES, perfect for having two different phone companies.
  • A totally innovative design, resistant, elegant, eye-catching, with metal casing.
  • Fingerprint sensor for body lock was added.
  • Again with a notification led, to alert a message or call.
  • If we compare it, with the old version, this brings an improved presentation of Corning Gorilla Class 4, to preserve from scratches and bumps.
  • The limits have been extended external storage in the cell phone accepts more than 256gb in memory micro SD.
  • Ram memory is now more than 2gb reaching 3gb.

Despite the fact that in this version of the Samsung Galaxy j7 prime, several software and hardware problems are being seen We cannot deny that for the price that is on the market it’s an interesting acquisition, In addition to being very good, I feel convinced with this phone despite the cons that will be later on, I sincerely respect it a lot, it is a good team.

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Cons of the Samsung J7

  • The reality does not have a Light sensor, this is a problem because you can’t have the brightness or the lighting automatically.
  • It does not have a Gyroscope sensor, many games and applications even the same screen needs this sensor and games as fashionable as pokemon, this is a serious problem Samsung It is only applying this sensor on the best phones (high end).
  • Something that really leaves a bad taste in the mouth is that it does not have support for NFC, something very, very negative due to the issue of file transfer.
  • Eliminating the Super AMOLED screen, this effort was to make the battery that this phone has last a little longer, something really regrettable.
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, can reach very high temperatures, when heavy games are used something that has always bothered me, however, knowing how to handle this can be over-carried but never corrected (of course with a software update this can be very well disguised).
  • It does not have a removable battery (for many this is negative, at first I did not know whether to place this as a counter since it is everyone’s knowledge that when the battery is not removable it is of a better quality).
  • The Flash at this time was removed (from the front camera).
  • does not have support for Wifi 5ghz de Dual Band this to achieve better navigation. (something that disappoints many).
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Samsung J7 Prime Worth it

Let’s recap a little about the aforementioned, I know that I expanded a little on the disadvantages, I hope they do not crucify me for them, but let’s be open-minded, this cell phone is at a really low cost compared to its high-end brothers, And let’s not fool ourselves, a good cell phone has certain shortcomings, but They are not things that are so indispensable either, it is a good team personally I would buy it mainly for the balance between what the product is and its performance as a smartphone, beyond any other observation it is at your own discretion from here we hope that this information will help you.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy J7

Undoubtedly, if we take the catalog of mobile devices that Samsung has on the market, we come to the conclusion that many of them are really interesting, and we no longer refer only to those that are part of the Galaxy S range, the most advanced of the Korean. For example, we also have the Samsung Galaxy J7, of which we must say in this sense that is one of the users that has gained the most users, to the point that many They have been asking us about its main characteristics.

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The first thing to mention about the Samsung Galaxy J7 is that it is a mid-range or mid / high-end device, which has all the elements that we can be looking for in a smartphone with these features, so if you are looking for something like that, do not hesitate to give it a try. The Samsung Galaxy J7 has everything we can hope for, and then we have to indicate in this sense that it has some more marked points in favor and others against, so it is better that you know them.

The Samsung Galaxy J7, in depth

Starting with the most favorable elements of the Samsung Galaxy J7, we have to mention for example that the design of the device is really good, with top-quality construction materials, without generating a too important terminal from its thickness. Beyond that, the 2016 Samsung Galaxy J7 has a really good 13MP camera, so you can get great images even outside of ideal conditions, such as when there is not too much light.

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One of the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy J7 is that it comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, and in the most advanced sites, it is even starting to receive Android Nougat. Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy J7 also has support for Dual SIM, which will allow us to save a good amount of money, especially if we use one company for messages and another for the Internet.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 has a RAM memory that will allow us to perform many of our day-to-day tasks thanks to its 2 GB. The Samsung Galaxy J7 also has a really good battery, 3300 mAh, which will allow us to access more than enough autonomy. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy J7 is another of its benefits, since it has a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED type. Finally, as with other Korean phones, the Samsung Galaxy J7 receives constant security updates, which never hurts.

And what do we like least about the Samsung Galaxy J7?

The Samsung Galaxy J7 has, like any other smartphone, some other elements that we do not like too much, insofar as its 2 GB RAM memory can be somewhat limited for the most demanding games. Some users, meanwhile, have been complaining in the forums and social networks, that the Samsung Galaxy J7 does not have a backlight on the keys, so its use in dark situations is somewhat more complicated.

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Although as we said before the screen of the Samsung Galaxy J7 It has nothing to envy in size and type to many other of the best on the marketIt is true that its HD resolution is somewhat short, and that we could have expected the arrival of a Full HD resolution. If you are a video lover, the Samsung Galaxy J7 could fail to convince you considering that its main camera does not have the ability to record videos, something that some users will obviously miss.

In turn, the Samsung Galaxy J7 does not have a gyroscope, which makes it not the ideal device for virtual reality devices compatible with virtual reality gear VR or games like Pokémon Go, so if this technology matters to you, better look for other alternatives. At the same time, neither It has an infrared sensor, nor a fast charging system, nor the protection provided by Corning Gorilla Glass. As you will see, although it is really good, the Galaxy J7 has some “buts” that we must consider.

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the best samsung galaxy j7 prime

What do you like the most and what do you like least about the Samsung Galaxy J7?

Leaving aside the company’s flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and with permission from the next Samsung S8. We cannot deny that one of the most popular mobiles of the company is precisely the Samsung Galaxy J7 in all its versions, both the J7 2015, J7 2016, and the J7 Prime. It is an extremely popular mobile since after all it has a fairly affordable price with some very good features that make it a pretty decent mid-range device. Although of course, like any kind of phone it is not exempt from having bad things, today we are going to see precisely that, the good and bad things of the Samsung J7.

The good Samsung J7

We consider that one of the good things that has this mobile is its 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, it has a quite important image quality in addition to being very bright, the size inside everything is not too large and it allows us to enjoy multimedia content without problems, chat and even work without any kind of inconvenience since we can see everything in a very clear.

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It has a dual SIM version that for those who use two SIMs is simply great, in addition to this it has an eight-core 1.6 GHz processor accompanied by 2 GB of RAM, which makes it an extremely agile mobile with Android 6.0 Marshmallow version that works wonders. Making it a very fluid mobile in every way, even for games.

To finish, it has a 13 MP camera and a 5 MP front camera, too much for the lower middle range of this mobile. Besides that it has the possibility of using 4G LTE on mobile something that is extremely important today. With a good 3300 mAh battery we find an excellent mobile device.

The bad Samsung J7

One of the bad things is that it does not have a Gyroscope, therefore you cannot use VR glasses, no virtual reality, nothing from Pokémon GO for example and those kinds of applications that require precisely gyroscope. Many complain about the RAM because they say that 2 GB is not enough being that the operating system takes 512 MB of RAM, but remember that it is a low-mid-range mobile, it is not that bad either, although it could be better, perhaps 1 GB more would have been more optimal.

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know the best of the samsung galaxy j7 prime

Has its good things

Obviously nothing is perfect, we all know that. But despite the fact that it has bad things, it is still an impeccable device, come on, everything in life has its negative side. With a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen Obviously we find bright, high-quality images that leave us completely surprised considering the range of the mobile.

For those who don’t like simple, classic Samsung white. They can choose between Black, Gold, Pink and obviously white in terms of device colors. It comes with Android 6.0, with a powerful 1.6 Ghz eight-core processor and also has 2 GB of RAM memory so most, almost all I would say, of the Android applications will run very smoothly.

In addition, it has a 13 MP camera in terms of the rear and the front of 5 MP, both with LED flash. With considerably positive results when we talk about taking pictures in any kind of situation, whether with or without good lighting.

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The battery is also very good since it is 3300 mAh which guarantees you autonomy considerably high, nothing to worry about during the day. Countless functions with all kinds of applications such as flashlights, games and we can even use the j7 as a remote control, demonstrating the great versatility of these devices.

Although it has its bad side

The screen is not protected with Corning Gorilla Glass, something that obviously remains a bit because in case it falls or is hit it would be more protected. This past year with so much Pokémon Go everything related to the Gyroscope began to be given more interest, technology that this device does not have and, therefore, VR glasses cannot be used.

To finish we find that the battery is very good yes, but without a fast charge you have to spend a few hours to be able to charge it to 100% something that obviously in many cases can be a real problem.

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