Save photos and files in OneDrive and synchronization between PCs

Use Onedrive to manage files and photos on PC with online file synchronization and viewing and in the Photos app of Windows 10 and Windows 11

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the most popular and most used cloud services in the world also because it is integrated into every PC running Windows 10 or Windows 11. With OneDrive, a cloud space (i.e. online on the internet) becomes available in which keep your personal files securely, especially documents and photos, which can then be opened, viewed and retrieved from any computer or smartphone used with the same Microsoft account.

Compared to other competitors like Google Drive, OneDrive has the advantage of being integrated into Windows applications and to favor a file synchronization between computers in an easy way. Basically it allows you not only to upload files online, but also to create a copy of the same files on different computers. With this important feature, OneDrive becomes perfect for keeping photos safe without the risk of losing them and making them accessible even if the PC is not connected to the internet.

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Obviously, in order to use OneDrive on a PC we will have to carry out thesign in with a Microsoft account on Windows 10 or Windows 11, so as to start personal synchronization. If we use a local account we will first have to log in with the account then take advantage of OneDrive.

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How to use OneDrive on PC

OneDrive file management can be done in two ways: on the dedicated web page or from the folder chosen in the OneDrive client configuration, which in Windows 10 or Windows 11 it can be opened directly from the Start menu (by searching for OneDrive) or by opening the File Explorer app and pressing the OneDrive shortcut on the left side.
OneDrive login The synchronization client allows you to choose the OneDrive root folder, so that all the files inside are uploaded online to the cloud space. For every folder and file entered in OneDrive it is possible choose whether to keep a copy on your PC or keep it only in the cloud.

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This option is found by pressing the right mouse button on the various files and folders, clicking on “Always store on this device“. Among the other options related to OneDrive found in the right-click menu are the one to free up space and delete the copy on the PC, the one to share and the one to view the file online.

These last two options open the OneDrive web page, from which you can browse folders and open files as you would from your computer’s explorer. The OneDrive web page it is particularly useful when you want to access your personal archive from a non-owned PC, perhaps that of a friend or a public computer.

Both from the web page and from the dedicated folder on Windows, you can right-click on a file or folder to share it with other people. The sharing link obtained can be sent via email, via social media or WhatsApp to have it downloaded to a friend, acquaintance or colleague.

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Move and edit documents in OneDrive

Always on the site it is possible organize files creating folders and moving items as you would on your PC. A bit like it also happens with Google Drive, moreover, from OneDrive it is possible create new Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents online using the Office web applications.

OneDrive is a key component to using Office for free: the new documents created on the website will be saved in OneDrive and we can open them without downloading them, simply by opening the OneDrive folder and recovering the created document.

Of course we can also upload our documents to OneDrive and open them in Office online, as well as upload and open PDF files.

How to save computer photos

OneDrive is also particularly convenient for save and sync PC photos securely. The Photos section of OneDrive automatically collects all uploaded images, listed in chronological order in the same way that Google Photos does. OneDrive Photos are also viewable in the Windows 10 and Windows 11 Photos app, which is updated and improved by Microsoft with each system update. To immediately search for photos upload online, open the Photos app from the Start menu, go to the section Folders then we open the folder OneDrive.
OneDrive Photos The Photos app also makes it possible to remotely import cell phone photos to PC, with a direct link. OneDrive, therefore, has become a real online manager of personal images that can be shared or left private.

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Each album is displayed with previews as seen on your computer, with the possibility of creating slideshows and presentations and sharing images with whoever you want.

Limit space on OneDrive

These features are clearly limited by theOneDrive free account that allows you to upload only 5GB of data online. To take advantage of one space of 1 TB (i.e. 1000 GB) you can subscribe to a family subscription (up to 6 people) from 10 euros per month, which includes 1TB for 6 different people (each with their own account) and also a subscription to Microsoft 365, to be able to use the Office programs platform regularly on PCs and tablets.

If we do not want to exploit the power of Micorsoft 365 but only have more online storage space, we can also subscribe to the OneDrive Standalone subscription, which brings the storage space to 100GB at a cost of € 2 per month.


OneDrive can really become a valuable ally for those who write many documents and want to always take them online with them, using the automatic synchronization available in the dedicated folder of Windows 10 and Windows 11. For those who take many photos or screen from PC or smartphone it can be used to quickly move files from one device to another.

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If the space of the free version is a bit limited (only 5GB), we can always expand it with € 2 per month, bringing it to 100 GB, a much more accessible amount of space to store files and documents online and thus have a real cloud hard drive.

If OneDrive does not work on our PC or does not start together with Windows, check if we have disabled theautomatic launch of the executable or if we have done so in the past a uninstall it from your PC.

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