Servers have been down for hours after a failed update

It seems that a Amazon Games they are having a hard time keeping their game alive and stable New World, and it is that players from all over Europe They have not been able to access the servers for hours, and everything is because of the study itself, which has gone to patch a problem and the solution has been worse than the disease, since it has generated a huge error to the point that they had to disconnect all the game servers to keep things from getting even more out of control.

The problem is related with the glitch that doubled the gold of players after allowing server moves. By patching it, an even bigger problem has been generated, and that is that the money no longer doubled, now magically some players were receiving hundreds of thousands of gold coins as compensation (between 100,000 and 300,000) after the last problems registered in the transactions of the game, where a player did not receive the money of his things sold at auction if he was offline.

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This amount of money generated was reported by a user in the game forums, to which an Amazon Games moderator took it as a troll joke congratulating him, but then a second moderator announced that the company had pulled the cable from the servers after more users indicated the same “problem.”

As expected, the majority of players who received these huge amounts of gold did not report the problem, basically they have spent it as much as they could for fear that it would disappear from their pockets. In the last week, the maximum player peak was around 200,000 simultaneous players, so the game has lost nearly 80 percent of players since it was launched.

The solution is to go back in time, so all players would lose the progress made today.

“Hi everyone,

While we investigate the coin compensation that has been carried out for players, we are putting all worlds in the Midwest region of the European Union into maintenance mode. Once we have more information we will post it here.

We apologize for any inconvenience


We are continuing to investigate incorrect coin compensation to players and are working on a rollback for all affected characters in the European Union region.

Unfortunately, we do not have an estimated time to finish the rollback of the servers, but we will keep you posted when we have more news. “

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