Should I install antivirus on my cell phone? Is Google Play safe? The APKs?

Should I install antivirus on my cell phone? Is Google Play safe? The APKs?
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Do you have an antivirus installed on your Android? Are you looking for a good antivirus for your mobile that is highly effective and offers you real protection, in addition to not consuming many resources? Google has said that no need to install an antivirus on Android on a couple of occasions, but is it really like that?

This statement came several years ago from the hand of the Android security engineer, Adrian Ludwig, who said that the average Android user you do not need to install an antivirus on your smartphone or tablet. “Absolutely not,” he told the newspaper The Sunday Morning Herald, stating that this is something unnecessary in addition to the protection that Google offers.

«I don’t think 99 per cent plus users even get a benefit from [anti-virus],». «There’s certainly no reason that they need to install something in addition to [the security we provide].

The statements of the Android security chief went a step further. Ludwig stated that those who use security software or application on their phones, «they will probably never receive protection«.

Speaking of the applications in the Google Play Store, this engineer stated that they go through an automated system that checks them for anomalies, and only verified applications are made available in the Play Store. In this regard, he indicated that the current risk that a potentially dangerous application [proveniente de esta tienda] reach users is «extraordinarily low«, something that is not true.

It is not the first time that the engineers behind Android talk about antivirus for the platform. Already in 2011 it had also been stated, by the hand of another engineer, that those who sell anti-virus software for mobile phones offer a «scam, quackery and zero protection«, Which is not entirely true at the moment.

Obviously, here we are only talking about whether or not an antivirus application needs to be installed when the user keeps downloading applications from Google Play. And the truth is that to use occasionally An antivirus is not a bad idea (not permanently, because you don’t want to drain your phone’s battery and performance), either the one that Android already brings or even third-party antivirus like VirusTotal itself to see if you don’t have bad applications installed . Google Play is not one hundred percent secure. In fact, there have been multiple reports that this store has distributed applications with malware for years.

Another important question is whether users need to install antivirus when installing from unknown sources is enabled in Android settings and installed APKs taken from the internet. And the answer is pretty obvious in this case as well. Viruses are a real thing on mobile devices, and especially on Android, which is the most popular operating system.

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