Smart swimming goggles, or Holoswim

There is something on Kickstarter for those for whom the smartwatch is too inconvenient to watch their progress in swimming. It’s Holoswim, smart swimming goggles to be booked in the $ 89 campaign.

What can Holoswim swimming goggles do?

In the Campaign, the Hong Kong-based company responsible for them has already collected the amount needed to implement them and will apparently deliver them to buyers in December this year. Is it worth being interested in them? You should answer this question for yourself, because in fact, the Holoswim weighing 75 grams gives the impression of normal swimming goggles, which only reveal their abilities on one side.

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I am talking about a special accessory on the right lens, where there is a waterproof electronic module, which we pair with a dedicated iOS / Android application on the user’s smartphone. In this application, users program their training plan, allowing the IMU unit built into the goggles to track their movements while swimming. What does the job here boils down to a holographic OLED display in the lens on the side of the lithium-ion battery module with a lifetime of more than 10 hours on a single charge.

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It is thanks to him that Holoswim is able to show data in real time. I am talking about the distance traveled, the number of movements (also per 100 meters), laps or the total training time. Users can switch between displays by pressing a physical button on the module, and check their results in the app after each training session. Additionally, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, Holoswim can warn about incoming phone calls, albeit at a very limited distance. Just to warn – do not count on rejecting or receiving, let alone a remote conversation.

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