Smartphone blockchain BOB presented at CES 2020

Smartphone blockchain BOB presented at CES 2020

Binance adds support for 4 more fiat coins, reaching 22

The Binance Exchange announced that it has expanded fiat ramps on the platform with four more currencies. These are the Polish zloty, the Swedish krona, the Thai baht and the Australian dollar.

Fiat ramps were added as a result of partnerships with payment processors and banks in the respective countries.

Currently, the exchange offers support for 22 fiat currencies internationally.
Binance CEO Chanpeng Zhao said the plan is that by 2020, Binance will provide support for all 180 fiat currencies in the world.

Coinbase launches the Coinbase Pro Android app in 100 countries

Coinbase Pro launched a new Android application on Tuesday, which gives professional investors access to fast transactions.

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The blog post claims that the Coinbase Pro application is available in over 100 countries and offers access to 50 different trading pairs. The iOS version of the app has become available four months ago.

Both applications offer deposit and withdrawal services, and “the mobile trading experience provided by the application offers the functionality of our desktop platform”.

Other features include real-time graphics, orderbooks, charts and fees identical to the existing desktop platform.

PundiX announces that it will unveil a new blockchain Bob smartphone at CES 2020

PundiX has announced it will present the BOB blockchain smartphone at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. The Blok on Blok (BOB) is the first such product created by the Singapore-based company.

The phone was initially known as XPhone and was unveiled at the Bali Blockchain Summit in 2018. After the Summit, the company continued to refine the phone, ensuring maximum user confidentiality. They have developed a new operating system, f (x) OS (Function X OS). The system ensures that every call, text or other action is performed online, through a decentralized application or a browser.

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Each BOB blockchain smartphone acts as a network hub, eliminating the need for a service provider or centralized operator. To make it easier to use, BOB will have an option to switch between blockchain and traditional systems such as the Android 9 Pie operating system.

The phone is available for pre-order at the price of 500 euros.

Caliber runs a specialist recruitment campaign

Calibra and Facebook announced that they are running an extensive specialist recruitment campaign. From marketing specialists to engineers, the Libra cryptocurrency project needs 26 new employees.

Calibra wallet and Libra cryptocurrency are scheduled to launch later this year, but the deadline seems impossible to meet. The project has faced severe criticism from regulators around the world.

Most recently, the president of Switzerland, Ueli Maurer, said that the Libra “failed” in its current form “because the currency basket that is deposited in this currency is not accepted by the national central banks”.

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The currency basket includes 50% US Dollar, 18% Euro, 14% Japanese Yen, 11% British Pounds and 7% Singapore Dollar.

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