Softline divided business into Russian and international

MOSCOW, 20 Oct – PRIME. The Softline group of companies, an information technology services provider, has closed a deal to separate the business into Russian and international, the former Russian division became the property of the original founder Igor Borovikov, the company reports.

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The fact that the Softline group of companies, registered in Cyprus, plans to divide the business into two independent companies – Softline Russia and Softline Global became known in July. According to the company, this intention was dictated by the situation in which the group’s business in Russia and abroad has become significantly different in terms of operational priorities and market strategies. Three months later, the company announced that the division would be carried out through the sale of the Russian business to the founder of the group, Igor Borovikov, for a symbolic $ 1 and a decrease in his share in the global company.

“Softline has completed the sale of Softline Russia to the original founder of Softline, Mr. Igor Borovikov. Softline Russia is currently a separate and independent enterprise of the Softline Group,” the message says.

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It is clarified that the division will not affect the bonus program, however, the board of the group of companies decided that “it is in the interests of Softline securities holders to complete the division at the present time.”

“The issuance of bonuses is still subject to shareholder approval at the general meeting on October 25, and Softline still intends to complete the issuance of bonuses in accordance with previously stated expectations, as soon as shareholder approval is received,” the company emphasized.

Softline was founded in 1993 and provides technological services in the field of digital transformation, cloud technologies and information security. The group is represented in more than 60 countries around the world.

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