Solution to Error: ‘Invalid Certificate According to Device Date’ in WhatsApp on a Nokia Asha

Solution to Error: ‘Invalid Certificate According to Device Date’ in WhatsApp on a Nokia Asha

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The Serie Nokia Asha is a range of cell phones It features low-end phones produced and marketed by Nokia. The word “Asha” is taken from a Sanskrit word that means “hope”.

Now, if you have a Nokia Asha and downloaded WhatsApp, you may have encountered the famous error that says “Invalid certificate according to device date.” A rather annoying problem that has a very simple solution and then we are going to go through it step by step so that you do not have to continue with this happy message.

Download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha

The WhatsApp application is by far the most used around the world, billions of people use WhatsApp daily to keep in touch with their loved ones and even for work issues, it is currently the first means of communication that used for both messages and phone calls, obviously thanks to how cheap it is.

It can be considered that this app is the leader in instant messaging in much of the world, in which it exceeds 2000 million users, surpassing other applications such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram, among others.

And it is that WhatsApp has become indispensable nowadays since through this application you can send and receive messages through the use of mobile data or Wi-Fi, as well as images, videos, record audios, voice notes, documents , even send messages to several contacts at the same time, among other functions, facilitating its users an effective communication with others.

However, it is not exempt from having errors or bugs and one of the problems that Nokia Asha phone owners find when trying to download the application is a message that says “Invalid certificate according to device date.” A message without a doubt, one of the most annoying that prevents having the app working on your cell phone.

The solution is simple, because the problem is simpler than you imagine, and there are many applications that to be installed and operate correctly, they need to be authenticated by a certain certificate which is verified through the date and time of the device, WhatsApp is one of them. So it’s all about tweaking these details on the team.

How to install WhatsApp on Nokia Asha

Let’s go step by step, the first thing you will have to do is make sure that have your phone updated to the latest version available software. In order to do this, you need to install Nokia Suite on your computer.

Nokia Suite Formerly known as Nokia Ovi Suitem, it is an application for users of Nokia brand devices that allows these devices to be connected to the computer.

Once installed you will have to pair your phone with the computer making use of the USB cable.

black nokia mobile on white background

What you will do next is go to Nokia Suite, in the Tools section, search Software updates and in that place you will find them, in case there is no kind of update you will be able to see which version you have installed. You will see this message: “Your device has software version XXX installed”. If you have problems with the device, reinstall the software. “

You will also have the option of reinstall the software which is the one we are going to use, simply click on “reinstall” and wait for the process in question to finish, the data on your phone and your personal information will be saved so do not be afraid in this regard.

After the reinstallation or update is complete, check that the phone’s date and time are set correctly.

Once finished, the date and time of your device will be well configured, so you will be able to enter the store and download WhatsApp without any kind of problems.

Is a pretty simple solution That may take you a few minutes of time and you will be able to use the number one instant messaging application without any kind of problem on your Nokia Asha.

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