Solution to the Error: ‘The 3G or 4G Icon Does Not Appear When I Activate Mobile Data’ on Android or iPhone

Solution to the Error: ‘The 3G or 4G Icon Does Not Appear When I Activate Mobile Data’ on Android or iPhone

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Obviously mobile phones came to make life easier in a pretty incredible way, now we can stay connected at all times, something that made many people even become dependent on their mobile devices.

We must bear in mind that it is important to maintain our updated Android mobile device, or to know from the official Android page which will be the last update that will exist of this great Operating System, since it is common for the device to be out of date and not working well.

Solution to the error of your mobile device with the 3G and 4G icon easily

Whether for work, study or simply for leisure, staying connected to be able to communicate with people who are important to us or be aware of what is happening on social networks is essential and when we do not have one Wifi network available we have to use mobile data.

But what if the 3G icon does not appear? What if 4G LTE does not appear either? If nothing appears? It is very common for this type of inconvenience to occur, since sometimes mobiles they have some flaws, no matter how advanced.

It is important that you do not get discouraged or despair if your cell phone is presenting this failure, because in reality you are going to to be able to fix it quite easyAlthough it sounds a bit complicated or you think it is a very serious problem, you will see that it is not as impossible as it seems and you can fix it in a simple way.

In this way you can solve the failure when 3G does not appear on the cell phone

The problem is generally one, although there can be several, in most cases we find that the APNs data that is, the access point names that in theory configure themselves automatically when we put the SIM of the company that we are going to use.

It may be lost its configuration, they will be erased or deconfigured and, therefore, the 3G icon does not work and we will not have mobile internet in any way.

In order to solve the problem, do not worry that it can be done manually and in a matter of a few seconds, the only thing we could say that it is more complicated perhaps is just search the APNs of the company you are using for your country, but if you know how to Google a little you can get them pretty quickly.

Once you have the necessary data to configure the access point names then you should go to the Settings part, then Mobile Networks and after this Access point names to finish in Add new.

Now You must fill all the fields as you have them in the data you have obtained from the operator you use in your country.

It is possible to make the 3G and 4G icon of your mobile appear again

If you also want to be able to increase your Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G signal, the moment you fix the small problem that your mobile device is generating, since on many occasions it happens that we don’t have a good sign, or we do not grasp the data well.

Something that actually tends to bother us a lot, since sometimes we urgently need to write a message, look for something on the internet or look at something in an application and the data does not respond to us, this is very uncomfortable.

Although it is not a problem that usually happens to us all the time, it is very important to consider how it can be solved so that it doesn’t happen to us in such a usual way, but in reality when you solve the failures that your device may present, they do not fail again.

wifi disabled data connected

Once you finish configuring absolutely everything you have to save the changes and restart the mobile phone for these to be taken.

In case that does not work, we recommend you remove the SIM card, do a hard reset and then once everything has started again, before configuring the phone again with the Gmail account and all that, put the SIM back and it should in theory have everything set up again.

Is that or take it to a technical service to take care of a problem that, as you will see, is quite simple and is not worth spending money on this kind of thing, they are very simple to solve.

We hope that you liked this tutorial, and that you have been able to solve that small error or failure that your device was presenting, you already realized that it was not something that serious, maybe you thought it was very difficult but you could fix it in a matter of minutes.

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