South Korean specialists still haven’t got their “mothership” for amphibious operations

South Korean specialists still haven't got their "mothership" for amphibious operations

Already in 2008, ROKN, i.e. the Navy of the Republic of Korea, placed a demand for a high-speed transport ship made in accordance with the stealth technology, which would be used by South Korean specialists. This would act as a “mother ship” and would be able to deploy smaller landing craft. However, the years passed, the program developed at a snail’s pace, and in the last few months it even stopped. It is not known whether it will even arise, but we already know something about it.

After 14 years of expressing a need for new equipment, the special forces of the Republic of Korea Navy may not wait for it at all

The mother ship for ROKN specialists was originally conceived as a small, agile platform that would enhance the ability to conduct special operations off the coast. So far, the project has not been finalized, although it is expected to resemble existing military transport ships. However, we may never know the truth, because in recent months this program has encountered several legislative barriers and is in danger of being completely canceled.

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According to the available information, it would be equipped with four large gas turbines to develop high speeds and a design that allows operations to be carried out both above and below the water surface. Works on it are carried out by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), which was awarded the contract in 2012. The original plan to purchase 8 ships and 60 landing ships was reduced to 4 ships and 20 ships, and according to the latest estimates, the implementation of the program itself will cost just over $ 1 billion.


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Many South Korean agencies dislike such expenses. This is also how the Korea Institute for Defense Analyzes criticized the program, considering it “financially unworkable” and after many other skeptical votes, the National Assembly of the state rejected the request for funding for 2021, and in 2022 only a fraction of the amount needed. Therefore, according to speculation, the South Korean government will soon make a decision on the future of the program and most likely the South Korean Specialists will not finally receive their modern ship.

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