Spliiit Review: Save money by sharing subscriptions online

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Subscription services represent a model that has fully established itself in the modern era. By subscribing to a digital service and paying your subscription fee, we are potentially able to take advantage of huge catalogs of videos, music, books, video games and software to even get to utility services, such as those to protect privacy. or to have space in the cloud and store photos and files of various kinds.

The reasons for the success of this model are to be found in convenience of having everything at your fingertips (digitally) and in the relatively low prices of these subscription services. However, monthly (or annual) expenses tend to rise substantially when you start having to deal with 6 or 7 subscriptions at the same time.

For example, let’s consider the case of TV series: to stream all the major successful TV series, we should subscribe to Netflix, Disney +, Now, Amazon Prime and Apple TV +. In addition to series and movies, we would also like to be able to listen to music on Spotify and play some online games on Nintendo Switch. The problem is clear: even if the cost of the single subscription is not excessive, if we wanted to take advantage of several active services in the same month, we would have to make a not insignificant economic outlay.

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All the major service providers have introduced the possibility of share your subscription with friends and family. In this way the cost of a single “slot” becomes very favorable. It is a very common practice and one that the most savvy users already know.

In this context it fits Split, a platform that aims to manage account sharing and that we have examined in depth in this article.

What is Spliiit

Spliiit is a platform that facilitates the sharing of digital subscriptions, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by all service providers. If it is true that multi-user subscriptions exist and can be shared with friends and relatives, it is also true that we often find ourselves having to provide clear passwords and manage the various fees that friends have to pay for the single subscription slot, with all the ensuing problems.

The Spliiit online platform has the ultimate goal of saving us money, solving security problems and allowing us to find someone to share the account with.

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In fact, with Spliiit we can save:

  • As an account owner by sharing our subscription
  • As a subscriber, joining an already active sharing group created by another owner

Spliiit was born in France and is rapidly spreading even beyond national borders, because it meets the need of users to save on many subscription services and find a safe platform they can trust to get in touch with other people.

It is available for a large number of subscription services, for example:

  • Netflix, Disney+, YouTube Premium, Apple TV+
  • Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music
  • Nintendo Switch Online, Apple Arcade, PS Now, Xbox Game Pass
  • Microsoft 365, Setapp
  • iCloud, Google One
  • and many others…

The site has a modern and pleasant interface and immediately allows you to take advantage of the features that interest us with the “start” button: the subscription of a
subscription or propose a subscription to others spliters.

Propose Subscribe Subscription

In the next paragraphs we will examine in detail the features offered and that we have tested firsthand.

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How to join a sharing group

The fastest operation if we want to save on the costs of a digital subscription is to join an existing group and divide the subscription costs.

Using Spliiit it is very simple to search for a subscription on the platform using the appropriate search form which shows a summary of the price that we are going to pay for the subscription of a share (single slot).

We can click on “Subscribe” to continue:

Search Subscription Service

We choose the country and continue with the registration which can also be done through our social profile or with the classic email address and password.

Subscriptions with occupied and available slots will be shown:

Available Subscriptions List

If a subscription is not available, we are offered the possibility to receive a notification (or email) as soon as someone shares the subscription of our interest.

Example Subscription Not Available

To look at the other available subscriptions we can always refer to the Spliiit Marketplace.

Close Your Spliiit

The particularly welcome and interesting thing, especially useful to those who do not know how the sharing of that particular subscription works, is the information that the site gives us about it:

Sharing Subscription

In fact, let’s find out what is needed for that particular subscription; in the example screenshot Netflix needs to share credentials.

By clicking on the question mark, we have even more detailed information on the specific service:

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  • Share type (password sharing)
  • Total number of seats
  • The prices of the subscriptions and the type of subscription (es) Standard, Premium, Family, etc.

We can decide at this point to join the group, with the “Join” button and proceed with the payment of the fee.

The account owner has 24 hours to respond with the information we need to access the subscription that he has shared.

It is important to note that for any problem Spliiit guarantees us support and the same fee we are paying is blocked in a deposit account and the money is paid to the owner only after verifying that everything is working properly.

Share your subscription

The other possibility offered concerns the sharing of a subscription service that we have already subscribed to. In this case, we can start from the homepage to propose a subscription or, after registering, click on “Share a subscription” in the dashboard.

Share Your Subscription

As the account owner, we must provide personal information (name, surname and date of birth) and validate the information.

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We choose the service from those on the list and establish which type of subscription we have among the various types (eg Standard, Premium).

Spliiit knows exactly how many slots there are per subscription type and allows us to select the number to share.

How Many Slots To Offer

This information allows us to reserve slots for family members not present on the platform and decide to receive shares only for unoccupied slots.

In addition to this, the shared subscription can have a “Public” or “Private” character to decide if we want to propose the subscription to others spliters or if we want to manage it privately with friends and relatives (at no additional cost). With the latter option, the subscription can be shared via link or via email to facilitate access to the platform for others.

Also in this case the procedure is completely guided and within everyone’s reach.

Copy Link Share

Prices and Transparency

Split 2

To take advantage of a very useful service like that of Spliiit, there are additional costs in addition to those that we would normally have to incur to pay a share of a shared digital subscription.

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The pricing policy is very clear:

Subscribers are required to pay a commission of 5% + € 0.35. For example, with the Netflix Premium subscription, the user would normally pay € 4 per month, while using Spliiit as an intermediary and finding a sharing group online, the cost is € 4.55.

The owner of an account does not pay anything for private sharing while with public sharing, which allows you to receive requests to participate on the platform, is required to pay 25% of the fee with a maximum of 1 € (in the case of Netflix , € 4 the fee then € 1 in this case), only the first month.

Those who share the subscription have a more important saving, justified by the fact that it allows the whole community to spliters to receive subscription slots.

Is Spliiit Safe?

Split 1

In the tests carried out we were able to prove the goodness of the service. Spliiit has a bank certification (ACPR) and uses an escrow account to manage payments. As previously stated, the money we deposit is “frozen” in a deposit account and not immediately passed on to the account owner. In this way, customer support is able to quickly handle all sorts of disputes that may arise and reimburse the user in case of problems with the owner of a subscription.

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In any case, the service is transparent and the prices indicated always include commissions for bank transfers and we will never have hidden costs or other surprises.

Registration to the site to explore the platform remains free, as well as the ability to quickly contact customer support.

The platform is present on TrustPilot with a very high average of ratings (4.9 / 5) that you can check at any time.

Spliiit customer support

A note of merit also for Spliiit’s customer service; you can contact support at any time 24/7 via Chat at the bottom right:

Chat With Support

Support is available at any stage we are in, either as users (if we have not yet registered) to find out more or when proposing a subscription or during subscription.

This possibility gives us additional security and peace of mind in managing one or more subscriptions without problems.

Conclusions and Future

The Spliiit platform, with our tests, proved to be fast, secure and does exactly what it should: connect owners of multi-account subscriptions with people who want to save and sign up for a subscription by dividing and cutting costs.

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Recommended By Giardiniblog

There are many subscriptions available and the saving possibilities for the end user are concrete. Surely in the future, the service will expand with many other forms of subscription as providers make it possible to share subscriptions with family and multi-user plans.