Square Crypto rewards 2 Bitcoin developers

The crypto-subsidiary from the American payment company Square assigned subsidies together developers who are working on Bitcoin.

Square Crypto, the new crypto-startup of Jack dorsey (also CEO and founder of Twitter), focuses on improving the user experience of Bitcoin for the general public.

In a blog article, the start-up said it had distributed subsidies to the bitcoin developers Jon Atack and Tankred Hase, without however disclosing the amount of aid.

It’s not the first time Square Crypto provides financial assistance to people working on the largest cryptocurrency on the market. In December, the firm awarded the creators of the open source server BTCPayServer as well as the developer ZmnSCPxj.

The firm specifies that the subsidies can be granted to all, without geographical limit, and that the projects must focus on the evolution of Bitcoin, especially in terms ofUX, scalability, confidentiality or security.

At the start of the year, she announced that she was working on a development kit that will help developers to integrate the solution. Lightning their Bitcoin wallet.

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