Stable, mobile and automated. This is the MobED platform from Hyundai

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A special division of the Hyundai company, devoted entirely to the development of robots and automated works of all kinds, boasted about developing something seemingly simple. The MobED platform is at stake, which can become the basis for prams, film cameras, parcel delivery systems or mobile vehicles.

Hyundai’s MobEB takes automated simple ride-on platforms to a new level. It will make its debut at CES 2022

At first glance, the MobED platform simply cannot impress. Measuring in its original form 67 x 60 x 33 cm, this small mobile platform weighs 50 kg, but according to Hyundai it is modular and can be freely scaled to make a modest square, even for an electric vehicle. Of course, more in the style of a golf cart than a full-fledged car.

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We developed the MobED platform to overcome the limitations of existing indoor guide and service robots while maximizing their usability in cities by radically improving the overall mobility of the platform. We are also looking ahead to assess how potential MobED users will further expand their needs and application for this type of technology

– said the head of the Hyundai Robotics Laboratory, Dong Jin Hyun.

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The Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED) electric platform has four independently steered wheels on the booms, thanks to which it can maintain a low, flat stance even on slopes. These make it possible to adjust the height of the platform in relation to the ground on an ongoing basis, so that everything on the platform can remain level. In addition, even the MobED wheelbase can be increased to 65 cm for stable driving at high speed or reduced to 45 cm during low speed maneuvers.

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Most unique by far, each of its four wheels with 12-inch pneumatic tires has three motors for precise, independent control. This allows MobED to turn on the spot, make tight turns or follow a slalom-like course. Such a drive allows the platform to accelerate to 30 km / h, and the 2 kWH battery is enough for about four hours of operation.