Steam begins to return the money

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Battlefield 2042 was another one of those great Triple-A games of 2021 that are best forgotten, and it seems like a lot of people have already forgotten, to the point where already has less than 9,000 simultaneous players (vs +100,000 in November), which ends up affecting the gameplay of the title.

Such is the discontent that Steam has broken its own refund policy and is accepting the refund of the amount of the game despite the fact that users have played more than 2 hours or more than two weeks have passed since its acquisition. Obviously, it is on this platform that you see a lot of dissatisfaction with valuations “mostly negative” (67% negative evaluations).

As if that wasn’t enough, Battlefield 2042 subreddit rumored to be succumbing to shutdown to stop the thousands of comments criticizing the studio and the game, since It’s been a long time without adding new content, the existing problems in the game have not been solved, it is not yet optimized as it should be, and the difficulty to find games with all the players or servers with good latencies is added.

“PlayStation won’t refund my money. Good luck PC gamers,” said one user on Reddit, for what appears to be a Steam-only decision. “The fact that STEAM ITSELF had to bend their policy because of how badly this game did shows how badly they did.”

“I’m really upset that I can’t get a refund. I haven’t played the game since November. What a -*-*-/ disappointment.”

“You don’t care anymore and you’ve squeezed what was originally a classic game that we all put hundreds of hours into.”

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