Superfast Internet and asteroid detection system on the moon. Aquarian Space wants to provide this as early as 2024

Still in many parts of the Earth, access to the Internet is either very difficult or even impossible, and here you are – there are plans to provide it on the moon. Draper Associates has donated all of $ 650,000 to startup Aquarian Space to provide super-fast Internet and a lunar asteroid detection system.

Aquarian Space has received a cash injection to provide super-fast Internet and an asteroid detection system on the moon

Of course, this amount will not make the project possible, but it will provide funds to develop a seed for this technology, which will provide broadband internet connection over time that would connect the Earth, the Moon and maybe even Mars. The company, however, intends to launch its first lunar system as early as 2024.

Objective? Create a system called Solnet that will use 100 megabits per second of high-speed satellite networks. How will she do it and who will help her? It is not known, but he is already carrying out technical reviews with American partners and in the future he intends to compete with SpaceX and the Starlink project.

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However, it will surpass it in one respect – by providing its satellites with the ability to provide data in the field of planetary defense, including asteroid detection. He also plans to develop a Space Situation Awareness (SSA) system to defend the moon.