Sweden proposes to outlaw cryptocurrency mining in Europe –

If cryptocurrencies are already illegal in some countries, more and more people want to join in one way or another, in this case Sweden proposes to outlaw cryptocurrency mining in Europe.

It is a measure that we already saw start in China this year, and that little by little it seems that it is spreading to other countries, as in this case where Sweden proposes to outlaw cryptocurrency mining in Europe to curb such unnecessary consumption, as according to the calculations currently mining in Sweden has an electricity consumption equivalent to 200,000 households.

In some countries, even though electricity is very cheap, they have infrastructures that are not up to par. In addition, some countries have a severe climate in some areas. Summer is very hot in some regions, which puts a strain on the electrical grid to power the air conditioners.

High mountain areas have, on the contrary, cold temperatures in winter. The demand for electricity from mining is very high, and as a consequence, entire towns have suffered prolonged power outages, and this must be avoided at all costs like the prohibition.

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As things are currently in the world and the different problems with the price and supply of electricity, it is logical that some countries begin to take measures, since logically it is a priority to supply energy to essential factories and homes than to miners in order to financially accounts do not carry anything to the country where they are housed.

We will see how this ends and if one day in Spain they will end up doing the same.

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