Swipe (SXP) cryptocurrency review: wallets, exchanges, rate

The integration of blockchain technology into the settlement system is one of the most promising areas for the development of the digital industry. It is in this direction that the team of programmers is working, which issued the swipe token, which is the internal payment unit of the SwipeCard service.

We will now tell you about the technical parameters and key features of the swipe coin ecosystem.

Swipe Coin Specifications

The dominance of advertising in free services of any direction makes their use extremely inconvenient. A person who saves on the purchase of paid applications spends up to 30% of his free time watching ads that are useless to him. Blockchain platform SWIPE helps people fight aggressive marketing by creating catalogs of recommended applications, which take into account the real needs of a particular circle of users.

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This is useful not only for ordinary users, but also for creators of mobile content. Using the SWIPE platform, they can not worry about finding advertisers and devote all their attention to the quality of the released software.

The main areas of activity of the swipe coin team:

  • Marketing development;
  • Researching the demand for applications;
  • Analysis of networks and devices;
  • Advanced targeting based on user profile database.

The SWIPE Network ecosystem is based on the Ethereum blockchain and operates using smart contracts. Its main task is to process information arrays according to a given algorithm. This requires that users provide data about the products being tested. In this way, fair transparent trade in the decentralized application market is maintained. Buyers of mobile content are free from the risk of buying a low-end product, and developers get marketing analysis data to better understand the needs of their potential customers. To do this, they need to integrate a software development kit (SDK) that provides a set of marketing tools.

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In addition, the startup allows you to quickly convert cryptocurrency to fiat for day-to-day payments. The swipe token (SXP) is designed to perform internal financial transactions between Swipe Wallet and Swipe Card… It is used as the digital fuel of the Swipe ecosystem, which is a cryptocurrency gateway for making payments with digital coins. You transfer virtual assets to the swipe wallet and pay with the project’s debit card through the Visa payment network. The presence of an internal SXP service token allows you to save on transactions and earn on staking.

Map of VISA from Swipe

The Swipe debit card is accepted by over 50,000,000 merchants around the world. With its help, you can convert crypto-money into fiat instantly, right at the moment of paying for the product or service you need. Swipe’s VISA card allows you to:

  • Receive paper money through ATMs;
  • Use Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay services;
  • Make payments and manage digital assets through a dedicated app.
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Of course, this requires well-functioning interaction between representatives of the Swipe company and financial institutions of a particular state. Therefore, in the Russian Federation and other countries of the former USSR, with the exception of the Baltic States, it is not yet possible to use a VISA card from Swipe. It also does not work on the territory UK and Switzerland, but in all other European countries, you can make purchases using the Swipe Card without any problems.

Swipe payment cards are divided into 2 types:

  • Common Swipe Saffron provides cashback in the amount of 1% from each transaction, whether it is a non-cash payment or withdrawing money from an ATM.
  • Premium card Slate Metal, allows the client to receive 4% back from each purchase. To receive it, you need to constantly have at least 300,000 SXP on your balance within 6 months.

Partnership with the Binance exchange, distribution of tokens

In July this year, blockchain startup Swipe was officially acquired by Binance. The SXP token was listed on the exchange, which contributed to the rise of the rate and the popularization of the project.

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And already in August, an airdrop was launched, in which all BNB holders who had at least 0.1 of the exchange’s internal BNB token were able to participate. The distribution is carried out once a week, based on the current balance of users, in total it is planned to spend 16,000,000 SXP.

Where can you buy coins

On the Binance trading platform, tokens can be purchased after a simple registration. It is enough to log in and set up Google Authenticator for security.

Available trading pairs:

  • SXP / USDT
  • SXP / BTC
  • SXP / EUR
  • SXP / AUD

Other trading platforms such as Poloniex, South Korean platforms Bithumb and Upbit, decentralized services Uniswap (v2) and P2PB2B have opened trading pairs for token trading.

A complete list of exchanges and trading pairs, as well as the current swipe token rate is available on the coingesko monitoring service.

Where to store SXP

Cryptocurrency is money and you need a wallet to store money. Just not a leather purse that holds paper bills, but a special application for a PC or mobile phone. The last option is very convenient.

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Swipe Wallet for mobile

The Swipe Wallet smartphone app acts as a virtual debit card, including payments and cash withdrawals. People can exchange cryptocurrencies, make payments, and purchase gift cards.

The swipe mobile wallet is available for both Android and iOS. The application is equipped with the option of creating a multi-currency storage and performing KYC transfers. To start using the service, you need to transfer 1 SXP to your wallet balance. Swipe Wallet supports a line of open source software products based on the Ethereum blockchain and available on the GitHub repository.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros of the Swipe blockchain project Cons of the blockchain project Swipe
Fast conversion of crypto to fiat in real time Debit card Swipe Visa is not yet available in Russia and the countries of the former CIS
High scalability
Reliability and safety
Inflation protection
The convenience of use

Conclusion, development prospects

Once Swipe has entered the binance ecosystem, it is destined to succeed. This product has surpassed similar developments of competitors and is the leader among projects working on the integration of digital coins into the field of mutual settlements.

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